A Fun Date Night Idea

by SomeGirl on May 6, 2011 · 25 comments

Welcome back, Fraddling Fridays!!!! And HELLO, new blog look!!!! :)

I hope it’s true what they say, “Better late than never.” Because today’s Fraddling Friday post is about as late as it can get! (Let’s just say I fraddled for myself by taking the day off and chatting back and forth with the lovely and talented Erin, of Insight Blog Design, who did such a wonderful job designing this new look! Thank you, Erin… I LOVE IT!!!)

Have you ever wanted something new and different to do on date night? My husband and I felt that way last night. There was nothing on at the movies, we were tired of all the same old restaurants, and couldn’t think of anything interesting to do… Then we remembered a GREAT suggestion someone made years ago:

Take the money you would spend on the movies and buy a game to play and have for later.

So, we went to Target and bought a $5 Mancala set which looked very interesting…

After purchasing it, we went to a delicious Tex-Mex restaurant nearby with outdoor seating to sit, relax, eat a bit and play our new game.

We had SO much fun (even though the outdoor seating was full). We had a great time laughing and playing (and wondering when they were going to kick us out). ;)

Next time you’re considering what to do with your loved one for date night, keep this idea in mind. You’ll be glad you did (and you’ll save quite a few bucks)! :)

Btw, if you don’t have date night, please consider making the time to have one. Even if it’s just sitting at the table having a cup of coffee and some time to chat after work or after the children go to bed, it is such a great way to fraddle for your relationship! (You knew I had to put that word in there, didn’t you?) ;)


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)



The blog looks great! I love the pictures in your new header.

This is a great date night idea. My husband and I only get nights out about once a month so there is usually a movie out that we want to see, but I’m hoping to change it up a bit soon. This sounds like a lot of fun! :)


Thanks, Shondra! Hope changing it up goes well! :) xoxo

Jessica W

Love, Love the new site design!! Love this idea! And Love Mancala! Now if only I could get a date night scheduled. . . : )


Thanks, Jessica!! I’ll be praying you can get a date night scheduled soon… (actually just prayed. I’ll try to remember to pray even more for this.) :) ♥ Michelle

Jenny @ The Southern Institute

Great look! I love it!
Mancala is such a fun game… I have been playing it since I was a kid. What a fun idea for a date night. Now to have a date night…


Thanks, Jenny! You inspired me to have my boys play… we tried it with marshmallows tonight. :) I kept thinking, “Jenny played this when she was a child.” :) Hope you guys are able to have a date night soon!


Thanks for the reminder to schedule a date night. I’ll have to look for that game and I’m curious about which restaurant you went to.


We went to Martha’s in Heritage… have you been there? Their tortilla soup is DELICIOUS!! :) Hope you’re able to have some date nights soon… if your hubby’s in town, bring E over to play so you guys can go out. My boys would LOVE it! :)


That’s so nice Michelle, thank you and I might just take you up on that offer. I haven’t been there before. Is that the place that was an Italian restaurant before?


It looks like it could have been an Italian restaurant before, but I’m not sure. It’s the same owners as Fogatta in Watauga… both are great! Please do take us up on the offer… want to do it in the next week or two? :)


How fun!! We seem to be stuck in a rut lately with our dates – I’m going to suggest this for next time :) Thanks for sharing!

Love the new blog design!


Thanks, Aurie! Hope you enjoy it!

ali @ an ordinary mom


I haven’t played Mancala in a long time, we should pull it out again. We’ve been inconsistent with our date night, especially the past few weeks, but we have managed to get one in since having a new baby. :-) We’ve never brought a game with to a date night, but that does sound like a fun idea!

Oh, and your new design- awesomeness! Your pictures are adorable, and I love the bolder colors!


Thank you, Ali!

To get date nights in with a new baby is hard work… glad you were able to do it! You guys might need to have sleeping dates for now! ;) lol

Lisa Walters

Your site looks great!
What a creative idea for a date night. Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks, Lisa! :)

Susan Jones

What a great way to learn a new game to beat your game night guests at! ;o) Note to self: their good at Mancala too. Love you guys and we’ll see you next Monday night for game night!!! BTW…I love, love, love the new look!


Hahaha… that’s what we said when we were playing! But it’s just a 2 player game… bummer. Better go practice another one! ;) lol Looking forward to Monday!!!! :)

Betsy at Zen Mama

We just got back from a date-night, too! Love that Fraddlin’ Friday is back! Great post and great new look!!


Thanks, Betsy!! ♥


we enjoyed date night this past Friday with friends (ones we didn’t even know that well) and ended up sitting outside Panera till 1:30 AM chatting!!!! between us both we have 14 kids, so us parents were really enjoying our adult time! :-)
Date nights are the best! :-)


Wow… 1:30 and 14 kids!! I bet you guys did have a great time! Sounds like you know each other much better now! lol :)


Great new look for you too, Michelle! Happy Mother’s Day!



Thank you, Jennifer! Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! ♥


Thank you, Michelle!

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