Move and Eliminate Distractions (Photography Wednesday)

by SomeGirl on January 30, 2012 · 2 comments

I’ll be honest with you guys (as I always am, of course) ;) … Until a couple of hours ago, I had no idea what photography tips I could share today. Then…

I opened instagram and saw a wonderful lesson unfold right before my eyes.

One after another, lovely sunset photos appeared in my timeline. Each more lovely than the one before. And I noticed a simple technique used by the photographer to dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of each progressing shot.

I asked my sweet friend, instagram user @TraciVeek of I’ll Take Tea, if I could use her photos here and she so kindly agreed (thank you, Traci!).

So, here’s today’s simple but very useful photography tip for both point and shoot and DSLR users:

(sorry the photos are so small… that’s the size instagram saved them.)

When you take a shot of any lovely scene…

Try to get closer (or zoom in on the scene)…

And look for a clearer view of the subject matter while eliminating things that might be distracting to the overall picture…

If my friend had still been in the area when I contacted her I would have loved for her to get beyond the red barrel on the right and eliminate that distraction.

Btw, I imagined that Traci was on a nature walk and had walked closer and closer to the shore to get just the right shot. In actuality she was driving by this lovely scene snapping pictures, which is another great reminder to change locations – Don’t be content to stay in one spot taking photos; move around.

Thank you, Traci for letting us learn from you and for sharing your lovely photos with us here and on instagram!





Cranberry Morning

That last photo is just beautiful! it’s one to hang on the living room wall. :-)

Betsy at Zen Mama

I recently took 20-30 shots of a sunrise in the mountains, each one more beautiful than the next it seemed. But on closer look there’s just a handful that are really good. I did move a round a lot and experimented with my zoom. So much fun! Thank goodness for digital cameras!

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