Get up (A God Whispered Thought)

by SomeGirl on February 4, 2010

I wasn’t ready to wake up this morning but I kept being nudged  with a God whispered thought to “Get up.” Every time I  tried to sleep just a little bit more the thought came, “Get up.” Finally I listened and wondered if there might be a reason I needed to get up. So, I  got up and sneaked upstairs (to work on the computer since no one else was up yet) and found my oldest one in the bathroom singing away (cute). I joined him and we started talking about our dreams, God’s whisper, my mom and dad, his desires, God’s love for us… we had a wonderful time visiting and talking. He shared some concerns he has been having and left our conversation with the words, “Now I won’t think [worry] about that anymore.” He was relieved from a heavy burden because of our talk together… because of that nudge… because of my obedience to “get up.” I am thankful that God actively works in our lives (and thankful that he didn’t give up on me after the first few times he nudged).

photo of my oldest son and me (did I ever mention my husband is a stock photographer?)

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