Gifts That Will Be Remembered

by SomeGirl on December 7, 2011 · 16 comments

Of all the gifts I’ve received in my 41 years of life, there are a few that have left indelible marks. Lingering in my memory.

One is a sweet little bird, so lovely and cheerful – greeting me with a message of love every morning.



Picked out and wrapped by thoughtful three-year-old hands.

I love that bird and all that it represents more than any great treasure in this world.



Another given by my sweet sister-in-love a few years back.

Printed on a simple piece of paper, it will forever be etched in my memory.

She had heard my heart and listened to my request. She knew just what I wanted when she made me a part of this:

[AC] Promo 2011 from Advent Conspiracy on Vimeo.

What a joy to know others have life-giving water because she cared enough to make a donation in my name.

This year as you shop for Christmas presents (or when others want to know what you’d like to have), please keep this in mind… your gifts don’t have to be big to be remembered. You have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life with a simple gift chosen and given in love (or a gift requested that will give life).

Make this year’s Christmas presents gifts that will be remembered.


Something to think about.



ThankĀ  you, Karen, for donating to Living Water in my name! I will remember your thoughtful gift forever! xoxo

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Deb Chitwood

Michelle, what sweet photos of your son and the special bird! I always loved your post with suggestions for gift spending for good. I always keep it on my Make a Difference page at :)


Thank you so much for keeping that post up and sharing it here! I’ve been meaning to write a new one with more sites I’ve found. I’ll try to get that done this week. Thanks again, Deb!


I’m all about gifts that made a difference. In fact, sometimes I stress over finding the perfect gift that will mean something! I also have special gifts, some hidden away in boxes, but to be kept forever.


Oh, I know that feeling of stressing over finding the perfect gift! Pinterest has helped a lot this year… so many “perfect” gift ideas. :)

Cranberry Morning

Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning, Michelle! I wanted to tell you that my daughter and her husband got a new Nikon, so I sent her to your website for all the great photography tutorials. :-)


Fun! Thanks for sending them my way. :) I have your page open right now to go order some of your wonderfully recommended soaps… Can’t wait to try them out myself!


Woohoo! I’m now waiting with anticipation for bars of Raspberry Cheesecake, Apple Peel, Lemon Verbena, Hint of Chocolate Raspberry… Mmmm… I can almost taste them, but I don’t think I will. ;)

For anyone reading this, check out Judy’s store: Soap N Such for great handmade soap bars:

Laurie Collett

Dear Michelle, This is so true. When piles of presents become more like an idol, it’s time to simplify and pick something meaningful that will change lives forever and be remembered. Thanks for the enlightening post.
Laurie Collett, Saved by Grace


Beautifully said. Thank you, Laurie!

Blue Cotton Memory

Heart gifts are THE BEST! It’s not about money – it’s all about the story behind the gift!


So true!

Blue Cotton Memory

I really appreciated this post. Great reminder during this incredibly busy holiday season. We actually did the Advent Conspiracy as the theme for our Advent Season last year. :-)


Thank you, Rhonda. Thankful for Advent Conspiracy and how it opens our eyes to what we really have and how to approach gift giving. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Robert Moon

The best gifts are from the heart. One of my daughters writes me a letter and tells me of her love. Thank you for hosting this lovely site and allowing me to enter my post.


What a sweet daughter and sweet gift! So glad to have you enter your post. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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