Giving Out of Our Abundance

by SomeGirl on May 20, 2010 · 19 comments

Well, I was going to write this really passionate blog post about what’s been going on in my head and heart. But my husband and I had a long, passionate talk about it over dinner last night and now I’m changing things up a little. Let me start by saying that I NEVER EVER want to come across as saying, “Look at me! Look at what I’m doing!” and  I NEVER EVER want to guilt people into doing things! I do however see this blog as an opportunity to make a difference (in my life, in your life, in the lives of others we have contact with).  Then I’m struck with the question… if I’m going to use this blog as a place for us to spur one another on toward love and good deeds, and if I’m the “leader” of this blog, then I want to lead by example. But if I share my examples am I somehow guilt-ing or “tooting” my own horn? I hope not!  That is NOT my intention.

So, in light of that and with much prayer on the subject here is my new, revised post for thought provoking Thursday:

What have you been given in abundance? Time? Faith? Energy? Resources? Influence?

How can you use what you’ve been given to make a difference in the lives of those around you (or around the world)?

My prayer is this: That God will burden your heart for someone(s) or something and show you how He wants to use your abundance to bless others… and make Himself known.

May God be glorified in and through us!!! May He make a difference in the lives of others through our abundance!

Come back tomorrow if you’re interested in knowing what He’s pressed on my heart to do with my abundance… (click here to read it)

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Hebrews 6:10 NIV

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Loved this post, Michelle! I’ve thought about this too. I want to (and hope I don’t) come across as preachy and that I have it all together…some perfect example, because I don’t.

But, like you, I do hope that I can spur people on in their thinking and evaluating life in light of the gospel as God leads me to do the same.


Thanks, Jessica! I’m excited to see what God can do in and through us!! Looking forward to working together with you in this regard! ♥ Michelle

the inadvertent farmer

God has been speaking to my heart also…I can’t wait to see what He has spoken to yours!

Thanks for being a leader for His causes.

Just your Thursday reminder that the link party is up for kinderGARDENS if you have anything you want to share…I’m also having ‘Sunflower House’ book giveaway. Happy Gardening and Giving Back! Kim


I’d LOVE to hear what God’s been speaking to your heart! And I would have loved to win the Sunflower House book! :) Hopefully next week I’ll get to link up! ♥ Michelle

Rachel Pereira

Very true thoughts, friend! I love Hebrews 6:10!!


Great verse, hu!? :) I like it when you comment… it reminds me to pray! (and I just plain like your comments) ;) ♥ Michelle


You just blessed me with this post. I am the speaker in VA this Saturday for a women’s conference and your words confirmed some things in two split seconds. God is amazing. “Exceedingly, Abundantly, Beyond…”


Wow! That’s GREAT to hear!! How did the conference go? I’m SUPER curious! :) ♥ Michelle


In case you were wondering, Michelle, you come across perfectly. Thank you for being you!

(For now I’m going to have to think about your question)


That’s so sweet to hear! Thank you!! ♥ Michelle


I love this! I believe we all have gifts we can share. The first thing people might think of is money, but there is so much more than that. It’s not “tooting your own horn” at all, it is sharing what has worked for you and maybe that will work for others. I’ll definitely be checking back tomorrow :)


Sheri, you’re so encouraging! Thanks for passing on this link in your post! ♥ Michelle

April Robins

I have learned that people won’t read your blog if it doesn’t get their attention. You don’t come across preachy, I have seen preachy. You come across sincere and very open, more open than I am. Your blog is your blog to address whatever issue you feel compelled to address. Others understand that and do the same with their work.

More than anything, I share my abundance of time with my fellow online friends and they give in return to me in a measure of appreciation larger than I ever expected. I feel so blessed.


Thanks, Mom! ♥


I write what my heart feels and desires to do…but so often I fail and feel like I am saying I am perfect…and then falling short so much!

I love your honesty! We cannot be expected to perfect. I just try to be honest and humble and hope that people don’t think I have it all together….because I don’t!

Thanks for sharing!


It’s tricky, isn’t it!? Wanting to be honest and not come across as thinking you’re perfect. I think you do a nice job of that… thanks for your sweet comment! ♥ Michelle


You are just too sweet. The conference was…powerful. God showed up and spoke to each one of us. I pray hearts were changed, for the glory due His name.

Hope all is well with you. :)


That’s SO GREAT to hear!! ♥ Michelle

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