Go Ahead… Celebrate!

by SomeGirl on February 9, 2012 · 11 comments


Have you done something you are so proud of?

Have you worked hard and seen the results pay off?

If so, celebrate!


It’s good to be thankful for the talents and abilities that God has given you.

He has created you to do good things… rejoice in that!

(But don’t let it get to your head.) ;)

Something to think about.


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Celebrating the graduation of our oldest son from vision therapy.

He’s worked so hard over the past 20 weeks and we are SUPER proud of him!

Way to go, Zachary! We love you!



Deb Chitwood

I love your son’s sweet graduation photo, Michelle! I totally believe in celebrating accomplishments … especially in celebrating the results of hard work. My husband and I tried to help our kids celebrate every one of our their figure-skating competitions in some way – not for the placement (which was out of their control in a judged sport) but for working hard and doing their best. Talents and hard work are definitely worth celebrating! :)


Now that’s an accomplishment to be proud of! Great pic of your handsome boy. Good for him!

Shelly Miller

Yay, to your son! What a great photo. I am proud of taking a risk to quit my writing job of four years to pursue personal writing and constructing a blog without any outside help. Had to learn it all on my own. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thanks for offering the link today and blessings!


Precious. Your son is beautiful. I love his proud face. Obviously his mother has fostered his sense of accomplishment. Great cheerleading!


Congratulations to you son! What a great accomplishment! Blessings!

Cranberry Morning

Congratulations to Zachary! (and to you for getting him into vision therapy in the first place.)

Calista @ A House and Yard

I found your blog this morning and linked to Thought Provoking Thursday for the first time – #33. Congratulations to Zachary; he looks to happy! Have a lovely day.

Jamie (@va_grown)

Great accomplishment for him!

We have managed the homework monster with NO CRYING for almost 2 weeks now with 30 minutes of mandatory “quiet book time” every evening before bedtime. It’s been a brilliant solution and I’ve been patting myself on the back for a week now. Except, WHY didn’t I think of this before? :)

Hazel Moon

Go Zachary! We know that working to accomplish something is often difficult. Our son wore thick glasses from the time he was three years old. When he reached Jr. High, we purchased contacts for him. We did not have a class to help him, so I am happy that your mother was able to help you find a good order so you could learn more about vision.
Congratulations on your graduation! Keep smiling as you have a great smile!


Yes indeed, He has created us with a purpose in mind. He is the only One who can give our life meaning!

Ann Thear

Ann Thear‏@AnnThearReply
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Thanks to those praying for me. Read Heaven is for Real. Prayers and the book helped.keep praying; I’ll keep searching for His assurance

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