God Is At Work In Your Child’s Life (Tea Time)

by SomeGirl on February 28, 2011 · 11 comments

Ahhh… My sweet friends, I can’t tell you how much I’ve needed this time to sit down, unwind, light a candle, sip on a warm cup of “calm” tea and chat with you!

It’s been a long weekend and I’ve let my focus slip from my new found purpose in parenting, back to my old ways (which are full of burden and stress)! I am SO thankful to have this time to share with you (and remind myself of) all the wonderful truths that I learned (just over a week ago) from the gracious and wise Sally Clarkson!

(All quotes included in this post came from the Mom Heart Conference… See disclaimer at end of post.)


Do you ever feel like a bad mom? Like your child’s life is going to fall to pieces if you don’t do everything just right?

Have you carried that weight around with you?

Have you unknowingly seen yourself as the author and perfecter of your child’s life and future?

If you have, you’re not alone. And, boy, do I have some freeing news for you!

Your children were made in the image of God!


They are not empty vessels waiting to be filled by you, hoping that you put in the right ingredients to produce the kind of person that will do well in life and please the Lord.

They have been created by the Living God in HIS image!

Their minds have been created to worship the Lord.

God Almighty is at work in them this very minute!

I don’t know about you, but I have often seen my boys as children for whom only I am responsible for filling with knowledge of all good things and it’s a make it or break it system. If I fail, they will, too.

But, that’s not the case.

God is at work in your children’s lives. He is making them what He wants them to be! And He has “called us to build HIS love into the lives of our children!”

Our greatest role, then, is to be an example of HIM to them.

“We must be the parents who become the flesh of Christ to our children!”

“How you walk with God is a model for your children to follow.”

Not only in the good times, but also in the bad.

“Our children learn how to believe & persevere by watching us. How do we handle trouble/discouragement?”

And here’s something VERY comforting…

“God doesn’t want you to be perfect. He wants you to love Him and make Him known to your children.”

“God doesn’t ask for perfection, He asks for a heart for Him!”

“While you are parenting your children God is parenting you. He is a good Father.” (see further explanation of this at First Time Obedience, Really? at Sally Clarkson’s Blog I Take Joy.)

Now, if you read this thinking, “Yeah, but you don’t know me. You don’t know how I’ve messed up.” I have these wise words to share with you…

“You are not defined by the circumstances of your life, God is a god who loves redeeming and cultivating.” (remember last week’s thought-provoking Thursday post? He can and will restore the years that the locust have eaten!)



Oh, there’s SO MUCH more I have to share!! Which is why I’ve made this a series with who knows how many parts?! ;)

Until next Tea Time (next Tuesday) when we focus more on our role, I’d like to encourage you to spend this week focusing on God’s role.

May you rest in the knowledge that The One who loves you and your children is at work in their lives!

And remember:

YOU are just the mom God wants for your children!

Btw, there’s a Mom Heart Conference in Raliegh, NC this coming weekend (3/4-3/5). If you’re able to get there, I’d HIGHLY recommend you go!

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Disclaimer: Most of what I share in this and future Tea Times came directly (or was gleaned) from the Mom Heart Conference hosted by Sally Clarkson. Where I quote directly from her or another speaker I will use quotation marks. In my haste to write down the great nuggets of truth shared with us I failed to write who said what, so my quotes will not be referenced. In other words, if you see something in quotes it was said by someone wise at the conference. ;)


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Michelle, I am so glad you were taking good notes! I needed to read this today. I tend to think the training is all on my shoulders, forgetting that God is at work in my kids all on His own! What a relief that it doesn’t all depend on me!


I am so glad you are sharing all these wonderful thoughts!

What I just love about this is that it all comes back to deepening our relationships with God and one another. When we, as moms, seek to grow in our love for God, when we more and more choose to walk in His ways because of that love (not because of fear), when we humble ourselves to serve Him by serving others with joy, our children see that and learn from it. We become better mothers, wives, Christ-bearers.

By being open with my children about my faith journey, they see my heart. Our relationship is strengthened. And I pray that they see what it looks like to walk through life with God… I’m not perfect, but I’m loved and forgiven, and so are they!

I don’t discourage my children from questioning. I want them to believe in what is real and true, and ultimately, they have to make that decision. God can stand up to scrutiny, and we spend lots of time asking the hard questions and seeking God’s way. We ask the questions together, and I think that makes a difference in the journey for all of us. It strengthens our relationships with each other, our heart connection.

I am convinced that the best way to become a better mother is to become a better daughter (to the King!). I am privileged to be my children’s earthly mama, but, thankfully for them, they are more His children than mine!

Cranberry Morning

What a patient and loving God who continues to work in the lives of His people. We see that in all the examples of saints in Scripture. No one perfect, so many failures, but a loving God who redeems even our failures through Jesus. Praise Him!


Very good post. I found your blog from the Relevant tweets. Are you going? I am. I actually live in Harrisburg and when I found out last week that a big Christian blogger mom type conference was here I took it as a BIg sign from God that he has great plans in store for me and my little blog…

Jenny @ The Southern Institute

Yes yes yes!! Thank you for this encouragement!


What a wonderful conversation to share! I have not been to this conference, but because you are sharing it, I too, can be encouraged!

Thanks Michelle (and Sally) for the reminder that it is God who is at work in my kids lives – and my job is to be the example for them of a woman who walks with God!


What a great thought! Thank you for sharing such wise words. I needed to hear them today, and you brought tears and a smile with them.
Thank you , also, for sharing the idea of taking a few moments to be still and have a cup of tea each day. Without your encouragement, I would have been frantically loading dishes or something instead of truly enjoying the time. The break was such a quiet blessing!


I am so grateful to have found this community of women from WLW. I wish, with all my heart I had known about Sally Clarkson earlier in my parenting career. Thank you for sharing your insights, what a blessing.


Wow, I love this!


Thank you for writing this, I needed that encouragement today!


Thank you. I needed this today. Wonderful wonderful reminder.

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