It’s Good Being Gone, But It’s Good Being Home

by SomeGirl on March 22, 2010 · 17 comments

We had a GREAT time “camping” last week. We stayed in a nice cabin just across the road and down a little path from Mimi and Poppy. The boys had SO much fun playing with their cousins and exploring the woods. I love the freedom they can experience at a private camp ground. There was a miniature golf area that my littlest one LOVED playing at… he is a sports nut! And my oldest climbed nearly every tree that provided the opportunity. :) As I mentioned before we left, the food was great! We ate way too much and surprisingly brought home what looks like a month’s worth of groceries! (Ok, maybe just a week’s, but it seems like much more) ;) Now, it’s back to real life. Spring Break is over for all of us. None of us seem very happy about it… well, my husband is actually glad to be back to work. He had a photo-shoot just before we went on our trip and is now able to process and upload his photos… check them out here. But other than him, my oldest HATED going back to “school” (I use quotes since we homeschool and it’s not the same as an 8-3 school, if he only realized that more…). He moaned most of the way through Reading, did pretty well through writing and I think he’s really going to enjoy Science since we’re watching the Discovery Channel “Life” program. He’s now working on his favorite subject in school… Break! ;) My youngest is mourning the loss of FULL attention and play… between Mommy, Daddy, Aunt K, Mimi, Poppy and all the cousins, he had it made! And I am having an everything Pretty Much Stinks kind of day. I’m Putting More Stress on everyone around me and wishing someone would Please Make it Stop! (PMS, get it?)  The unpacking and LAUNDRY… 7 days worth of LAUNDRY is enough to drive me crazy alone. But the words, “I’m going to work now” from my husband are the worst to hear (even if that only means he’s gone upstairs and shut the door. I’m on my own! I’ve been spoiled, too! No one’s cooking breakfast and dinner for me, the boys don’t have a handful of cousins to play with, my student doesn’t want to learn, I have to clean my house, I have a stress knot from the weight of everyday life… I’m not my typical half-full REAL me self. But, don’t worry, I’ll be back to normal soon… these Pretty Much Stink kind of days don’t last long. Now, I’m off to watch “Life” and do a little LAUNDRY!!!

Hope you have a GREAT day! ♥

Btw, it’s REALLY good being back here with you! And didn’t everyone do a GREAT job last week!? What AWESOME guest bloggers!



We’re having re-adjustment issues today too. I’ve gotten nothing done except a shower so far. Nick woke up sad that he “couldn’t find daddy” and then an hour ago he came in with a framed picture of Ethan and said sadly, “I miss Ethan.”

So, you’re not alone, and we’re glad you’re home!

Some Girl

I’m so glad to know I’m not alone…Thank you! It’s hard for everyone to adjust back, isn’t it!? Poor Nicko!

(btw, it was fun hanging out with you today!) ♥

Cali of PassionBird

We are all back! I’m glad you’re back! The other day Shea & I were watching Polyanna. Oh how I loved to watch that movie when I was little. In the movie, they played the glad game (if you watched it, you know what I’m talking about.) So even though both of us are having Pitiful Monday Symptoms ;) Let’s be glad that we have washing machines & dryers that work & we can get that laundry done fast! Instead of going down to Bear Creek park & using a washboard, eeeeek! See you tonight!

Some Girl

Hahaha… I love Pollyanna, I love your “Pitiful Monday Symptoms” and I’m laughing because you said aren’t you glad “we” have washers and dryers! That’s funny! (for those who don’t know Cali is here using our washer and dryer right now) lol ;) Love you, Cali! ♥


Praying Monday is over Soon for you! It’ll be Pretty Much Spring weather for the rest of the week! I love you and I hope your P.M.S.’s don’t get you too down.

Take a warm bath and veg tonight.

Some Girl

I think I’ll take your advice, Jamie! ♥ BTW, I was out pulling weeds thinking about how it’s “Pretty Much Spring weather for the rest of the week.” I like your positive spin on PMS! ;)

Mia Rossi

Glad your back Michelle. Sounds like you had a good trip. I’ve heard alot about how camping is good for family bonding. We have yet to try it. I’m loving all of these cute little acronym’s everyone is throwing around for PMS. Wish I could make light of it like that :) Until then, there’s zoloft. Hope you’re winding down now & realizing it doesn’t all have to be done today.

Some Girl

It was fun for us, but another family we’re friends with said they can’t go more than 2 days before they’re all cussing each other out… so be careful! (or load up on the Zoloft) ;) lol


I don’t think you needed to point out the pms connection. I think we got it. I think we are all Pretty Much Scared,and Pretty Much Savvy when it comes to your Periodic Mood Swings. We all Pretty Much Savor your tales and are delighted to have you back!


John, You are very funny.


A Perfectly Manageable Situation.

Some Girl

John, you are funny and witty and your creative PMS phrases are Putting Me to Shame! ;) lol


Glad to have you back, Michelle! It sounds like you deserve to go out and get a massage or something! I hope you are able to rest to night and that tomorrow isn’t too back of a Pretty Much Stinks kind of day. ;)

Some Girl

Ooooh… a massage sounds nice! That would really make tomorrow a nice day! ;) It’s good to be back… Thank you! ♥


Welcome Back! Sounds like you all had a blast. We are cabin folk too! We love to take the boys to the great outdoors where sticks and rocks are the toys, but not to throw at your brother.

Thanks for sharing the pics! Looks like you guys had a blast and thanks for the lovely guest bloggers. They did a great job!

Some Girl

Thanks, Heather! ♥ Did I already tell you how jealous I am of your Blue Ridge Mountain cabin?! (I think I left before commenting back on the “Indoorsy” post) We drove through late last October and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! If you ever want more boys to play with sticks and rocks with your boys, let me know! ;)

Some Girl

Wow! Thanks you guys for the WARM welcome back!!! I feel SO loved on this Perfectly Melancholy Spring day! ♥

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