Our Greatest Role As Moms (Tea Time)

by SomeGirl on March 7, 2011 · 12 comments

The tea I’m sipping this week is more for health than for peace-filled relaxation. It’s an “apple blossom” like mixture of a cup of warm water, a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, at the recommendation of a good friend to clear up some kind of upper respiratory junk (and it’s working wonders!).

With tea in hand, let’s light a candle and get started with this week’s wisdom from Sally Clarkson’s Mom Heart Conference. Buckle up! There are LOTS of GREAT quotes coming at full speed in today’s post! :)

Our Greatest Role As Moms Is To Be Like Christ

Christ spent much time in prayer,
in relationship with others,
in service to the less fortunate,
and even alone.

He was concerned with heart matters over physical matters.

He gave of Himself without complaint.

He forgave freely.

He instructed in what is good and against sin.

He meditated on God’s word.

He told lots of stories.

He recharged Himself spiritually and physically.

And, most importantly, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! He lavished GRACE on a sinful, dying world.


“We must be the parents who become the flesh of Christ to our children!”

In order to do that we need to know Him, LOVE Him, spend time with Him… LOTS of time with Him! 

“You must be a gardener of your own soul, and then a gardener of your children’s soul.” “You can’t pass on what you’re not living.”

“The Proverbs 31 woman ‘clothed herself’ with strength and dignity… She had to ‘put’ it on. It’s a choice to be made.”

“Godly, strong, overcoming women who have a testimony don’t happen by accident.”

“You (and your children) are being groomed to become like Christ. Many times that’s done through difficulty.”

“He desires not for you to be happy and shallow, but to be Holy.”

“Our children learn how to believe & persevere by watching us. How do we handle trouble/discouragement?”

Our children will be prepared for trials in life by seeing how we trust and lean on God in our sadness.

“Your spirit is an example to others – how you walk with God is a model for your children to follow.”

We can’t give our children what we don’t have. If we want them to know and love God. We need to know and love God.

“Be a learner. Be curious about all that God has made (surround yourself with others who do the same).”

“God isn’t calling you to be exhausted, He’s calling you to rest.”

“Light a candle, put on music, get a real tea cup, make a pot of tea, invite someone to sit w/ you… & talk! Make some quiet time.” (Jesus went away to be alone and spent intimate time with friends.)

“Everyone needs a place of quiet that is nurturing to your spirit, enriching your soul. What nurtures your heart & brings you closer to God?

“If your soul isn’t rich, how can you give richness to your child? Enrich YOUR soul!” (see Sally’s post on this here)

Your children are watching everything you are doing!” “What are you doing in front of your children? What are you speaking in front of your children? Is it pleasing to God?”

“The spirit of a woman to speak light into darkness can change a whole family’s history.”

God isn’t asking you to do more, he’s asking you to rest in him/trust him. The more you rest in him the more you become like him.”

“God doesn’t want you to be perfect. He wants you to love Him and make Him known to your children.”

“God doesn’t ask for perfection, He asks for a heart for Him!”

“Are you (am I) a picture of the incarnate Jesus to your husband, your children, your friends?”


Until next Tea Time (next Tuesday) when we talk about the reason behind all of this (the arrows we are shooting into the future generations),

May you be filled to overflowing with God’s love and may your children be drawn to the light of Christ in you!

And remember…

God has a plan and purpose for each one of our children, and He has placed YOU as the parent of your children!


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Feel free to pass this along to your friends! ♥ Love, Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Disclaimer: Most of what I share in this and future Tea Times came directly (or was gleaned) from the Mom Heart Conference hosted by Sally Clarkson. Where I quote directly from her or another speaker I will use quotation marks. In my haste to write down the great nuggets of truth shared with us I failed to write who said what, so my quotes will not be referenced. In other words, if you see something in quotes it was said by someone wise at the conference. ;)



ali @ an ordinary mom

So, so, many good quotes!
Loved this one- “Godly, strong, overcoming women who have a testimony don’t happen by accident.” So true!!

Eryn {mamahall}

i can’t get enough #MomHeart wisdom. thanks for hosting tea time ~ i wish we were sitting across the candle-lit table together :) and thank you for linking to mine. :)


What wonderful wisdom! I’m going to have to figure out a place to put these where I will ‘stumble’ across them regularly. They are too valuable to be forgotten…
Glad you are feeling better and the ‘tea’ is working!


Oh more than anything I want to be like Jesus. I’m so so so far from it. My heart yearns, groans for it. I love all the MomHeart quotes, but mostly I keep going back to your first part, the ways He lived. That’s what I want. I just keep scrolling back up there and sitting with it, reading it over and over. I want to be like Him.


Those are some challenging statements!

I’ve heard great things about that apple cider vinegar mixture, but I haven’t tried it. My friend’s mom is a nurse, and she drinks it every day, and she NEVER gets sick!


So sorry you are sick friend!

I love this encouragement – and I am learning that I need to spend more time with Him, and surrender to Him moment by moment!

Thanks Michelle, this is really what I needed today!

Cranberry Morning

What a great post today, Michelle!


“Godly, strong, overcoming women who have a testimony don’t happen by accident.” AMEN! Wow, what powerful quotes for all of us Moms! Thanks Michelle!

Stacy @ Delighting in the Days

Wonderful! Wonderful! Thanks for sharing these quotes.

Hope you feel better soon.


I so needed this! Thanks for sharing! I try so hard to be supermom and rush to do everything and be everything that I crash and burn. I feel like I’m not enough that I can never do or be enough. Oh but Jesus loves me for exactly who I am! I can come to Him through it all and know it’s not about what I do but the attitude in which I serve others. I have a hard time overcoming the should do, I need to just embrace the rest and peace He has to offer!

Cyndi Spivey

That was so good and so true. We are all staying too busy and we need to slow down and spend time with Jesus.
I wish we lived closer and we could sit down together and have some tea time!


First of all, with that last entry, I have to say that I missed a really great giveaway! Cute bags!

And this post – just beautiful!

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