A Little Grumpy Today

by SomeGirl on July 19, 2010 · 15 comments

Over the weekend we went to a GREAT Concert in the Park down the hill from our house (a Beatles tribute)… I LOVE going to things like that! However, the concert didn’t end until 10:00pm, but since it’s the summer and it’s just one night I made a break in protocol (the boys’ normal bedtime is 7:30pm and I’ve been called “The Sleep Nazi” by more than a few friends). Anyway, I figured they’d catch up on their sleep last night and everything would be fine… So, you can imagine my surprise when the boys would not go to sleep. They were in their room at 7:30pm and still awake after 10:00pm. My only saving thought was that they might sleep in today. But, they were up and wide awake at 7:00am (which is the reason I’ve earned the lovely nickname… my boys don’t sleep in! If they are short on sleep you have to make it up on the front side).

So, I’m hoping we all get through the day without too much friction. I’ve already had a VERY frustrated “No!” yelled at me (the louder the “no” the more tired my oldest one is) and this was a pretty loud “NO!”  To top it all off, I have had a bad crick in my neck since Saturday morning… it’s better, but still hurts. So, as you can tell, we’re all a little grumpy today. :) Now, I’m off to put a little Tiger Balm on my neck and parent with LOVE and Logic.  :)

Hope your day is GREAT!

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other.” Ecclesiastes 7:14

Oh, did I mention I’m trying to quit Cokes? That doesn’t help with the situation, but I’m down to just 1 in the afternoon! :)

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Praying you can get through today and get some sleep tonight. (((HUGS)))


Thank you, Sherry! We did get sleep last night and feel MUCH better today!

Hope you guys are all better, too! (((HUGS))) back to you!! ♥ Michelle


If you can get through today, I’m sure tomorrow will be much better. We are on day 2 of catching up on sleep and it’s no fun.


Thanks, Kristen! Today is much better, hope your day is much better, too! Catching up on sleep is no fun, I agree!! Love ya, Girl!


Praying for a smooth day today! And that you all get caught up on your sleep ;o)


Thank you, Lisa! I REALLY appreciate your prayers! Things went much more smoothly than I would have expected and we’re all caught up (so it seems). :) Thank you! ♥ Michelle



I LOVE that verse- thank you for sharing it! I pray things have settled down and peace is reigning in your home :)


Thanks, Natalie! Yeah, I love that verse, too! And the Job’s “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” Good reminders. :) Thanks for your prayers!! ♥ Michelle


Just prayed for you- we have all too many grumpy days at our house too:)


Thank you SO much, Jessica! I’ll stop and pray for you, too! May God be glorified (even in our grumpy days). ;) Thanks again for praying!! ♥ Michelle

Cranberry Morning

Hope your neck gets better soon. Too bad Tiger Balm doesn’t come in ‘lavender’ or ‘apple peel’ scents. I love the stuff, but…

Hope the grumpies leave your house. Don’t send them my way, for I have my own to deal with. :-)


Oh, my husband wishes it came in different scents, too!! He hates the smell of Tiger Balm! But, I have a weird confession… I LOVE it! Crazy, hu? ;)

Thanks for the well wishes! Our grumpies left in our sleep last night, hopefully they just disappeared and didn’t go to visit anyone else (or travel through the internet to your house)! ;) lol ♥ Michelle

{You are SO much FUN, Judy!}


Hello from a fellow “Sleep Nazi” and congrats to being down to one coke! I hope bedtime goes well tonight!


Yay!! It’s nice not to be alone in my “Sleep Nazi”-ness! ;) Thanks for checking on us this morning (via twitter)! I’m SUPER excited for you!!! ♥ Michelle

(http://www.aplaceforthoughts.com for anyone who’s curious why I’m excited.) :)


Thank you, Michelle! :)

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