He’s been there and understands…

by SomeGirl on January 25, 2012 · 14 comments

Driving along on our way to therapy, my oldest one took out his Action Bible (a super cool kid’s Bible with comic book-like illustrations) and browsed around a bit, asking a plethora of questions (he was reading about the trial and crucifixion of Christ).


One of his questions really made me think…

“Why didn’t Jesus just call on His God powers and make himself not be able to feel things?”

What an important question… with an answer that ought to give us such comfort and relief.

You see, Jesus was 100% God, yet he allowed himself to be confined to a body that was 100% man.

Because of that, He’s not a stranger to what we go through. He’s “been there, done that.” And He understands.

He was homeless, and I’m sure He was homesick.

He felt the sting of death as he lost a loved one, and wept.

He needed a break from the crowd and sought refuge.

He was cheered for and sneered at.

Mocked, praised, loved and hated.

He was tempted to take matters into his own hands and provide for himself apart from God (yet he didn’t).

At one point He dreaded the future so much that blood came out through his pores.

He gave up his desires.

And trusted his future to his Father.

He was betrayed by a close friend, rejected by another, and verbally attacked by people he did and didn’t know.

He experienced severe pain and physical suffering.

His mother questioned his actions and his Father turned his back on him.

He was separated from God, in broken relationship with Him (for three days).

To top it all off…

He’s been to hell and back!

He could have turned off his human side and lived only by his God side, but He didn’t.

He’s been there and understands. He knows first hand how much it hurts.


I pray you find comfort in that today, sweet friends. I know I do!


For we do not have a high priest [Jesus] who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet was without sin. Hebrews 4:15


Something to think about…



love it! love how doctrinal truths can enter into our conversations with our kids! fully God. fully man. Not many adults truly understand this concept…way to go mom!!


Linking up for the first time, Michelle :). I love those moments God gives us with our children to share His truth with our little ones!


What an encouraging post! It’s just a beautiful to think that Jesus knows how to empathize with me because He felt the same emotions. Thank you for honoring God with such a sweet spirit.


Deb Chitwood

My daughter had a Bible similar to your son’s when she was younger … it was a favorite of hers. I love those sorts of discussions with kids, too … priceless! :)

Sylvia R

Wow. Don’t kids ask the best questions?! And look what this one’s probing question stirred up: Such a blessed post filled with truths to remember, especially when the going gets rough and we think no one knows or cares.

Nikki @ Simplystriving

Oh how I loved this. Don’t you wish we questioned things like a child, had faith like a child, saw Christ like a child? It’s worth striving for….
Thank you for such a thought-provoking post!

Salina Gibson

One of my favorite thoughts to “ponder” on….Thanks for your words and the link up. I’d love for you to link my blog :-)

Eryn {mamahall}

it’s awesome to know that we serve a relational God!


Jesus can empathize with us in every way, for He’s experienced all we have. What a blessing to have a Savior who chose that way in order to be closer to us!


Wow, what a great question and discussion!

Stefanie Brown

Powerful, powerful post!

Out of the mouths of babes flow insightful, thought provoking questions. Thank you for sharing, my friend!

Amanda Jones

Simply Beautiful. Thank you.

Hazel Moon

I believe it was necessary for Jesus to have real emotions and a real body that felt pain and grief. It was needful that he experience all that any of us would ever go through in life. That would be the ONLY way that he could ever understand.

Jeanette Edgar

What a great conversation to have with our kids! It does comfort me to know Jesus loved me enough to go through every human pain. He didn’t go through the motions of sacrificing for us. HE SACRIFICED FOR US IN THE FULLEST. Thanks for the terrific post.

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