How Do You Find Time in Your Day to Do All You Do????

by SomeGirl on May 5, 2010 · 11 comments

I had the nicest, most relaxing time at Talking Tuesday yesterday… the boys played in the sprinker and my girlfriend and I sat on her front porch and watched. It was SO relaxing! You’ll see in the video below why we love living here… we each have nearly an acre of land with around 100 trees. The nature is WONDERFUL for little boys. We live up the hill from a pond/park and across the street from each other. Our boys are nearly the same ages (although her littlest one turns 4 today… Happy Birthday!)

So, I realize I stress some people out by the amount of stuff that I do (or that I write about doing), but the truth is we have a lot of down-time. Here’s a peak into our weekly activities:

Monday: We start off with homeschool (which isn’t much since I only have 1 first grader). We hang out around the house and spend a lot of time outside. We only go out to get a $1 coke at McDonalds, unless we want to grab lunch out.  :)

Tuesday: (our busiest day) 10:30-3:00 We’re out for enrichment classes. I drop my oldest one off and fraddle around with my youngest, usually at Target in the toy aisle.

Wednesday: The boys go to a play group/bible study from 9:30-1:00 and I hang out with girlfriends at a coffee shop! Then we go home to meet Mimi and Poppy for a gardening/fishing/social studies lesson.

Thursday and Friday: We have nothing planned, but homeschool. We don’t have anywhere we have to be. Although, we do go through the drive thru. :) (and I’ve recently learned the importance of keeping those days free… see here)

Saturday/Sunday: our only commitment is church. And every other Saturday our house cleaners come.

My husband works from home and usually hangs out a little with us in the morning and he lets himself off of work at 5pm.

Two evenings a week we have a sweet college student who watches the boys and puts them to bed while we go on a date. Then she works on photos for my husband while they’re asleep.  And she’s really good at sticking with their 7:30 bedtime. Thanks, Cali!

Our only extra-curricular activity is “Talking Tuesday” after enrichment class. We hang out with our neighbor and her 2 boys doing little boy things in our yards. :) (I’ll post a video below)

My oldest isn’t into organized sports, but he LOVES playing basketball with his Daddy in our driveway. Our youngest will love sports, but is too little right now.

I would like to get my oldest involved in boy scouts in a few years… my husband is an Eagle Scout, so I am partial toward the organization.

Our church is so small it doesn’t have extra programs, so we’re not committed to anything extra there.

And, praise be to God, we got rid of our debt just after we got married so I could stay at home without having to make extra money. And we still have no debt outside of our mortgage, which makes life so much less stressful! (I remember that horrible feeling of $15,000 of debt as a single gal… ugh!)

So, there you have it… hopefully that answers the question: How do you find time in your day to do all you do???? :) Oh, I think it helps that my boys are 4 1/2 years apart in age… it makes life a lot easier.

Here’s a peak into our only extra-curricular activity (warning: I get surprised and am vocal about it):

BTW, after last weeks post about saying no to good things I realized I needed to quit my Vegan blogging… if you are interested here’s my newest and last vegan post.

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Your week sounds like a lot of fun. And the video is great! What a perfect place to live! Thanks for sharing your week with us!


Thanks for asking the question! ;) Funny comment back, btw! lol


(on the last post… about having no time)

Rachel Pereira

I liked hearing about your week!! Loved the video too!! =)


Thanks, Rachel! Videos are fun aren’t they!? I loved yours the other day!


Cute video!

I’m with you as far as keeping the schedule to a minimum. My problem is my husband and I gradually saying yes to commitments without realizing what we’re doing until our week is all booked up again! I personally hate that feeling of being constantly on the go, but some love it.

I can relate to the small church, too. Where we go now is tiny!

Need to go reevaluate my schedule now. :)


Yeah, we get over committed at times, too (thus the post last week about all the GOOD things getting in the way of the great things). I used to not need down time as much, but now it’s become so important to my sanity!

Tiny churches have their goods and bads don’t they? Ours is a start up church of around 40 people… it’s nice to know everyone, but there are down sides, too (as I’m sure you know). :)

Hope the reevaluating goes well! Thanks for your comment!! ♥ Michelle


Loved the video~ And my yard looks much nicer online…maybe it’s because I don’t see all the things I want to work on! :)

Thanks for sharing! (And for video-taping!!)


Girl, your yard looks great online and in real life! I LOVE it!!

And, seriously, I haven’t been that relaxed in a loooong time!

♥ Thank you!

Alicia The Snowflake

Sounds like a great place to live. I am trying to keep a simple shedule. Some weeks are better than others. But I’m finding the older I get, the more I need down time. It’s a good truth to learn. Take care my friend!


Girl, I just went through my blogroll catching up and commenting and I commented after you on most of them… when are you going to have time to think, write and get that new post up!? ;)

Seriously though, you are SO sweet to take the time to read and comment on all of our blogs… I want to be like you! You’re like a mentor to me! Thank you! ♥ Michelle

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