Hunger for Attention {Day Thirty}

by SomeGirl on October 30, 2011 · 5 comments

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Wow! Ann Voskamp’s closing message at the Relevant conference last night was so powerful (and such a great reminder for us praying for revival)!

If you’re not familiar with Ann, she’s the author of One Thousand Gifts and the blogger behind A Holy Experience. She’s also extremely kind in a quiet sort of way, full of smiles and laughter behind hair that she lets cover her face, and more humble and God-centered than anyone I’ve ever known.

Her words were spoken straight to my heart and I am praying from them today…

“We all ache to be loved, seen, known, and noticed… God is captivated by you! You are extremely loved by Him!”

“That ache in your chest to be noticed… that asks am I enough… is a God given hunger. Feed it with The Father.”

“Am I attention hungry or am I God hungry?”

I’m praying today that we will be God hungry and find the attention we desire in the eyes of The One who is captivated by us. Who loves us more than we can imagine!



It’s so hard to understand how much You love us… to even begin to think that You are captivated by us… Please sink that truth down deep into our hearts and our minds.

Please fill our souls with a strong desire for Your attention and not the attention of others.

May that emptiness in our lives be filled by You and You alone.



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I’m so glad you’re being blessed there! Can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories once they return. Hoping that I might be able to go next year.


Great post! This really spoke to me this morning :)


I am so happy you shared this with us! I had to leave early yesterday, (because of driving in the snow) and was very sad to not get to hear Ann speak. It is such a gift to hear her speak, her words always whisper right to my soul.


To be God-hungry…yes, always and only.

Thank you, my friend.

Jo Princess Warrior

Argh! This is a constant battle for me…I know that I should be content that the Father of the universe, my Creator LOVES ME….but I find myself striving for the attention of others. I needed the reminder again today..thank you xo

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