I am SO glad our family is involved with this…

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I am SO glad our family is involved with this…

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and this…

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and this…

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and this…

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We are SO thankful for clean water at our own house that our family has committed to match our water bill as a donation for others to have clean water.


And now, after a year of intentional giving (fraddle for the thirsty) along with a donation from a sweet friend,


2,587 people* have water like this…


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and not this…


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that’s 2,587 smiles* like the ones above!


Would you consider talking to your family and praying about matching your water bill as a donation for others to have the same clean water you and your family enjoy? Trust me, you’ll never regret doing it! ♥

*A donation of $1 provides clean water for 1 person for an entire year. If you’d like to be a part of our First Giving Team, with a goal of providing a full water well for a village through Living Water International, you can donate here. You will receive a tax deduction for each donation you make.

Our family chose Living Water International because of it’s commitment to provide a cup of water in Jesus name (not only providing so many people with life giving water, but also introducing them to the only true LIFE giving LIVING water that is Jesus Christ).

photos from http://ow.ly/user/livingwater

Btw, if you’re doing the math and thinking, “Wow. They spend a lot on water.” We had times when we were gratefully able to double our monthly contributions. Where God guides, He provides!


Ashley Pichea

I love this, Michelle! I will definitely be talking to my husband about doing this – such a great way to have an incredible impact in caring for the physical and spiritual needs of others!


What a terrific post!! I’ll have to check out their web site. We have sponsored a little boy in Tanzania for over 6 years now and I am always in awe when he writes and tells us he has to go and fetch water.. we are truly blessed here…


What a profound impact your choice has made! Inspiring!


Living water is an AMAZING organization. What a gift to know that you guys helped to provide beautiful, clear, clean water to an amazingly thankful bunch of people. And, better yet, opened the door for them to hear about HIM! :)


Yup, I need to get involved in this…


Fantastic! We support an organization here called Water Missions International. Also a missional group sharing God’s love through clean water. Thanks for highlighting such an important cause.


I’ve been voting for you everyday. :) And I’m wondering… would you be willing to post something that talks about how great God is and link up on friday so more women can benefit from your perspective. ?

Katie @ Imperfect People

Beautiful pictures! Wow what a great ministry!

ali @ an ordinary mom

Oh, that looks like an incredible organization- we’ll have to consider getting involved!

(I’ve never lived anywhere that had a water bill… I have no idea what water bills even cost, other than what I spend on the water bottles that we take on outings!)


What a lovely collection of photos and a powerful idea! Thanks for sharing!

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