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I Think I’ll Just Stop Now and Go Home…

by SomeGirl on October 5, 2010 · 12 comments

Boy! I think I’m getting too old for all-nighters! It’s Tuesday morning and I’m still trying to recover! But, praise be to God I can recover, right? That’s the kind of thought that kept going through my head as I walked around the  Relay for Life track at 4 am Sunday morning… I was tired, my hips were hurting and I wanted to go home, but cancer patients all over the world were tired and hurting at the same time without the ability to say, “I think I’ll just stop now and go home… I’m tired and this is starting to hurt.” So, I pressed on and walked/prayed for them.

If you didn’t catch Shell’s great guest post, I’d encourage you to check it out to see what Relay for Life is and why we did it. In the end, I’m happy to announce that our team raised over $2,200 for the American Cancer Society and all of the teams at our location together raised over $63,000! If  just 100 Relay for Life events raise the same amount that would be $6.3 million raised to help find a cure for cancer! Wouldn’t it be great to wipe out this terrible disease?!

Here’s a little peek into the walk:

One person from our team had to be on the track at all times.

The rest could be shopping around the track, in the silent auction, hanging out at our tent, etc… (this was our tent and “store front” on the right)

My oldest and Shell’s oldest stayed in the little tent here. They had a GREAT time playing football with a coach from a local school until way too late (memories, right?). ;)

There were games set up all around for children and adults to play. But the little ones didn’t stay all night… they went home to hang out with their daddies. :)

We had a great time and a delicious breakfast made by a friend on her camping stove (thanks, Jessica!). I pray our great time will make for many more great times in the life of cancer patients everywhere! ♥

I walked in the American Cancer Society – Relay For Life in honor of my mother, in memory of my niece, in support of my father-in-love and friends going through treatment, and for the future and hope of life without cancer for my children and their children. Will you please join me in finding a cure?



Oh, that’s beautiful. Don’t know why that made me cry, but it did. I’m so glad you stayed with us. It made it so much more special to have you there. I hope you’re still considering doing it with us next year! :)

Love you, sweet friend. Thank you!


Oh, I hope it was a good cry! I’m glad I stayed, too! (and I’m glad I was stuck without a car and didn’t have a chance to pack up and leave at 4am) ;)

Let me recuperate from this year (and forget what it was like the few days after) before I sign up for next year. lol

Love you, too! Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone and letting me be a part of the great team you put together! ((HUGS))


On Saturday there were at least two occasions when it came to mind that this event was going on. Congratulations on all that your team raised. What a great way to help fight cancer! Thank you for sharing your weekend with us!


Thanks, J! It’s nice to know you were thinking about us/the event! :)


I also cried…what a magical night. Thanks for sharing those pictures too. I am looking forward to next year. Love you! Kristen


Aw, love you, too! Btw, I have a cute picture of you and me… I didn’t share it since I hadn’t asked you. I’ll send it soon! ♥


Awesome job & great purpose!!!


Thanks, Rachel! I’m going to catch up with you tomorrow… sorry for my extended absence! xoxo

Cranberry Morning

Good for you. A great reason to be tired.


A good reason, indeed. Thanks, Judy! ♥


Wonderful that you did that..great pictures!


Thank you, Jennifer! It was wonderful to be a part of!

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