It’s Hammock Time

by SomeGirl on July 16, 2010 · 35 comments

Dun, du, du, du, du, dun duh… It’s hammock time! (hahaha…  “It’s Hammer time” get it? ;) I’ll be done with the song intros soon!)

So, I had planned to do some kind of link up Fraddling Friday, but now I’m outside with the boys and my computer time is almost over. My oldest and I are hanging out on the hammock. The butterfiles, dragon flies and beetles (which I don’t love) are fluttering and flying all around the sunflower maze  just in front of me. My oldest has a box with his newly captured lizard, lovingly named “Geiko Gecko” (which is really a green anole – how do I know that?). My youngest went in to get shorts, because I can’t stand the thought of him running around outside in his diaper (he goes back and forth between diapers and underwear). Although my neighbor’s house went up for sale yesterday and we love them, so maybe we ought to all run around doing crazy things so it won’t sell. ;) (Just teasing, Pam) ♥

Anyway, I’m just about to close up the computer and fraddle around with my boys. I’ll post a picture of the maze soon (it didn’t turned out AT ALL like I planned… but the boys like to run around in it… it’s more like a weed maze than anything else). :) I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend of fraddling with and for the people you love!! See you on Monday (if not  sooner)!


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Ok, we all moved inside to pop popcorn and hang out a bit while I finished this post off… it’s hard to see the screen outside. ;)

Btw, I’m doing a test run on a new “contest” wordpress plug-in I installed… getting ready for my 40th Birthday Bash! Would you mind helping me test the plug-in by leaving a comment below? You can just write “Hi” or “test” if you’d like. :) Thanks!

Btw, have you seen all the GREAT things that are going to be given away?? Check them out HERE!

update: I added photos of the maze (and other things from today) to SomeGirl’sWebsite’s  FB page. :) Hope you enjoy seeing them!

photo from here



Is this where we’re supposed to comment? :)


Yep, you’re in the right place! :) Thanks, Girl!


It sounds like you are having the perfect friday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend fraddling!


Thank you, Jellybean! ;) Hope you enjoy your weekend, too! ♥ Michelle


aaahhh… lazy days of summer


… aren’t they the best?! :)


We’ll have to do a drive by to see which house…I would love to be your neighbor!


It’s the one next door to the north… YES! Come be our neighbor!!!! :D


Sounds like a wonderful day!


BTW, you’ve lined up some really neat prizes for your birthday bash! :)


Thanks, Melissa! I can’t wait for you guys to win something!! :)



Sounds like you are having a great day :) I meant to mention to you on your 40th post that our b’days are a day apart and I’m turning 40, too!


NO WAY!!?? Let’s celebrate together!! Which one of us is older?? :)


Sounds wonderful!

And you know, I read your intro as DUH-duh-du-duh-DAH!! in that ominous tone. Couldn’t figure out how that led to ‘hammock time’ if something bad hadn’t happened. I’m such a goof!

Can’t wait to see the maze up close…. Maybe next week (when the boys are home from nanas?)


That’s funny! Yeah, come over next week… we need to hang out! :) Btw, are you guys free the last weekend of July? I’m thinking about having Z’s bday party Sat the 31st.

Betsy Henry

Hi Michelle,
Your website looks so great! Have you changed it recently? Maybe I’m just relaxed as I look at. Have a great fraddling Friday. And I’ll do the same! Have a great birthday! I’m seven years into the 40s and they’ve been some of the best years!!


I haven’t changed it, but it might be the hammock picture… it’s very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. :)
I can’t believe you’re 7 years into 40… I would have put us as the same age. :)

And thanks for the birthday wishes! It’s at the end of August, but I’m having a big giveaway here to celebrate (August 23rd-27th) and I’m getting things in order for it.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend of fraddling, too!! ♥ Michelle

Cranberry Morning

What a fun post! Talk about the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! (oh, nevermind. it’s an old song. :-) I could just picture you all outdoors with the hammock, butterflies, just plain summertime R&R. Sorry your good neighbor is moving away.

I’ll check out that maze, if it works without FB. I’m not a FB or Twitterer.

Have a great weekend! Get out a water slide. Your diapered little one would love it!


Love that you have a song to go with your comment! :)

Summertime R&R is so nice, isn’t it?! And a water slide is a great idea… I’ll have to pull that out again soon! :)

Cranberry Morning

LOVE those photos!!! Is there a way to ‘slideshow’ them? Cute, cute!

P.S. You should try vacuuming the maze. LOL


Hahaha… hey, if you don’t vacuum your garden I don’t have to vacuum mine! ;) LOL {you’re funny!}

Glad you could see the pics… I don’t know if there’s a way to slideshow them… that’s something good for me to look into. :)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!! ♥ Michelle


Hey, friend!! Testing!! =) Can’t wait for your birthday bash! Love ya!


Hi Rachel! Would you mind telling me if you get this as an email? I’m adding numbering to my comments and am not sure if the e-mail reply is still active. :) Thank you!

And thanks for being excited with me!! :) Love ya!! ♥ Michelle


Got it!! =) Just like normal!!


Thank you!! :)


I think I am- wah! I am the 27th.


Hahaha…. OLD lady!! ;) LOL

Erica Mueller

Woot woot! I see the threaded numbered comments are working. So glad my post was helpful.

I love your nice clean layout. So refreshing to come here and find an uncluttered site.


Thanks, Erica! And thanks for taking the time to visit (and comment)! ♥ Michelle


You probably already have enough comments to check, but commenting on this one isn’t too hard this early in the morning ;) Hope you have a super day!


Thanks, Megan! Hope you have a super day, too! ♥ Michelle


HOpe you have an awesome day!! :D


Wow, I’m late in replying to this! But I’ll do it anyway. :) Thanks, Sherry! ♥ Michelle


I WANT A HAMMOCK!!!! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! Love that you’re so disciplined about your computer time. I don’t think I got to comment on that post, but thank you for your explanation. I am thinking of how I can incorporate that into my day.

Come by and see my new blog design when you have time. SO happy! My hubby switched me to Wordpress :).



With all your free time now that you’ve switched your laundry schedule I think you NEED A HAMMOCK!! ;) lol Your blog looks GREAT!!! LOVE The new look! Way to go, hubby!!

Btw, being disciplined is the only way I can control myself… otherwise I go crazy! I’m kind of a cold-turkey, all-or-nothing kind of gal when it comes to media type stuff. I wish I was able to exercise more self-control without such strict guidelines, but I’m too weak! ;) ♥ Michelle

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