I’ve Been Thinking… (Warning: Enter at your own risk)

by SomeGirl on June 24, 2010 · 21 comments

As I was driving down the road the other day and saw sprinklers running in several yards, I was struck by how much water we use to keep our grass green. When I turned on my sprinkler and watched my boys play in it (while I tried to salvage what life was left in our grass) I thought more about that water…

When I was younger I’d often take that green water hose up in the air on a hot summer day, spray the water up in the sky making it rain down on me, then hold it to my mouth and take the sweetest, coolest, most refreshing drink of water I think I had ever tasted! Now I’m too afraid for my children to drink from the hose… I hear there’s bacteria that grows in the garden hose and I wouldn’t want them to drink something gross like that… yuck! (although I’ve caught them drinking it from the corner of my eye a time or two)This got me thinking…

I sat out there in my cozy chair watching the boys and the water sprinkler, thinking about how much water I was using to keep the grass green and how I wouldn’t let my children drink the “dirty water” from the hose, but it looked nice and clean to me. Then I thought about how clean our water really is, assuming we live in a city with clean public water services. If I was to take a shower and get thirsty I could just drink a little water from the shower head. If I want a glass of water to drink I just go to the fridge (which has a built in filter, because I wouldn’t want my water to taste or smell weird, now would I?).

If times got REALLY tough and all the water was turned off in some sort of SEVERE situation… days without water and none in sight I could, if TOTALLY desperate (which I would hope would never get this way) drink from… *gulp* (no pun intended)… the back…. of… the…. toilet… YUCK!

And I figure that would be a better option than this water…

Which got me thinking even more…

I can’t believe we have cleaner drinking water in the inside of our toilet than 884 million people in the world whose drinking water looks like this…

and comes from here…

Makes the water in our toilet look good, doesn’t it?

And all this thinking has really fanned that flame that was started recently and made me want to be a BIGGER part of providing clean drinking water to people around the world! Because if it was my family in need of clean water and someone around the world had the ability to help provide water like this… I’d hope they would help my family, or at least help my children!

Something to think about…

♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

(see more on the water crisis here at Living Water International)

Btw, if anyone reading this is looking for a blogger and a professional photographer to help drill a well and share the experience with others over the blogoshpere… count my husband and me in!!  I’ve been praying you would ask! ♥

{I wrote this post Tuesday evening after a LONG day of thinking, then yesterday around 9am I realized the city had cut off our water for the day to change out a fire hydrant. I can’t tell you how many times I went to turn on the water, flush the toilet, rinse something off, get a cup of water, run the washer… and on and on… finally we just left the house and went to McDonald’s to wash our hands and hang out until our water came back on. I hope and pray they’ll SOON have a place to go, just like we did. }



It is amazing how much we take for granted! My parents were in Ethiopia as missionaries for 2 years and helped with fresh water. They had to boil all their water each day to get the germs out.


Oh, I’d love to hear about their experience! Who were they there with? I bet you and they have lots of stories to share… makes me wish we lived close enough to get together and talk (that and the fact that I’d just love to get together and talk with you anyway)! :)


Oooh… I just realized if I lived close enough I could volunteer to go over and sample one of your delicious recipes… Yum! ;)

Erin @ Closing Time

Awesome, thought-provoking post! Sometimes we need to put things in perspective, and you did a great job of that!


Thanks, Erin! And thanks for spreading the word… may God use us to help The Thirsty! (I think you’ll love the video in tomorrow’s post… I already posted it on FB) Btw, I loved your note on FB… it’s so easy to lose perspective when things don’t go the way we’re used to and our water is cut off or brown, isn’t it? Love ya, friend! (And thanks for grabbing a button!) :)

Cranberry Morning

Good post. I’ve noticed too, when there’s a power outage for some reason, just how dependent we are upon things we take for granted daily. Most of the world does not live like we do.


Ain’t that the truth! We take so much for granted and live SUCH different lives than the rest of the world… not that I’m complaining, but it’s good to be aware and help when we can. Thanks for commenting! I always love it when you do! ♥ Michelle


Lovely post. You are the most kind and generous person I know. Thanks Michelle.


Thanks, John! You do realize that you’re the one that got me started on this whole blogging about “caring for those in need” thing, don’t you? (with your message on FB several months ago) And I’m really glad you did!! It’s nice to think this blog could make a difference! Thank you for that!

Btw, I totally forgot to post my oatmeal recipe on Monday! Hopefully I’ll remember this Monday… I’m going blueberry picking and I’m sure I’ll have a good recipe to share from that.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Love ya! ♥ Michelle


This post really hits home. Although, I don’t really consider our public water clean or good for you (with all the chlorine, chemicals, leftover medications someone flushed down the toilet, etc.) so we purify our water. But, I know what it is like to not have water. We are building an off grid homestead and since we are building it debt free, we cannot afford to drill a well right now. Whenever I am up there (as in its in the mountains), I think about all the water we waste back home and I am furiously protecting us from wasting it. Right now we haul our water in, but we hope to set up a rain water catch and someday, we hope to drill a well. . . we may even get brave and try to develop a teeny tiny spring that wets our dry creek. :D

Anyways, very thought provoking!


Wow! Your plans sound neat and the fact that you’re doing it all debt free and sacrificing conveniences to live within your means is awesome! What a great example to a world filled with consumerism and heavy laden under the financial burden of credit card payments… I really admire you for that!

I can imagine that you are gaining a greater appreciation for water and can understand the need much more than most of us can. I hope things go well for your rain water catch and drill in the future.

May God use your greater appreciation of clean (truly clean) water to make a difference in the lives of others!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment! I hope to get to see you again and to get to know you more! ♥ Michelle


Thank you for a wonderfully though provoking, gratitude blossoming, perspective refocusing post!


Thank you, Natalie! And thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle

monica @ paper bridges

heartbreaking :(


I totally agree! :(


You and I are on the same wavelength, my friend! I’ve got a post about half done on this same topic! Thanks for the wonderful perspective about how blessed we truly are! :)


It’s so funny how that happens! I can’t wait to read it!!


I love your beautiful heart for these people! Every time I get ice from my refrigerator door, I think of what a complete luxury it is. When people complain to the world about slight inconveniences, forgetting how blessed we are, I feel for my friends who bathe with 1 mugful of water. When I write silly posts about iced coffee, I think about people who can’t escape the heat and have nothing cool (let alone clean) to drink. It’s a good kind of uncomfortable feeling. Thank you for writing such important things and being a voice & an advocate for them!

m :)


Aw, thanks, Michelle! And, for the record, I liked your iced coffee post and contemplated making some for myself after reading it this morning (and I don’t even drink coffee). :)



Maico Guan

i really hope that the government would solve this problem as soon as they can…:)

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