Just a Minute, Honey (Thought Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on May 6, 2010 · 15 comments

There are 4 words I’d like to use less often… sometimes they’re needed, but usually they could be done without… here they are:

“Just a minute, Honey.”

I’d really like to replace those words with these 5 words more often: “Sure, Sweetheart, here I come.”

What words (in any area of life) would you like to use less often? And what words would you like to replace them with?

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“Out of my way butthead!”


So, I’m curious… what are you going to replace it with? “Excuse me please, kind sir?” ;)


I gave up screaming “Mutha F—-r. It did not fit in with my calm and kind persona and it made David crazy. Which is why I did it anyway. Now I just let the fools drive crazy and ignore it. On a quest to be calm and kind…..


“Hurry up, I’m running late.”


Oh, man … I hate it when I get in the “hurry” mode! It always reminds me of a book I read called, The Hurried Child.

(I’m SO glad to see you in the comments!!!)


“If only I would have…” replaced by “I did the best I could at the time.”


I LOVE that! Could be a great post!

Laura Maly

Boy, talk about striking a chord with me, today. This is so true, and after all, they mean similar things; the one is just so much more positive! Thanks for the great reminder!


I hadn’t even thought about them being so close in meaning… but I see it now! I like that!

Hope your day has gone well! ♥


I find that I say, “No,” too often when I’m really just being lazy or selfish. I’m trying to change my pattern of behavior and say, “Yes,”
more often.


Ouch! That hits too close to home! But it’s so very true… I hadn’t really thought about it, but those are the feelings I’ve had when I’ve been “putting off” my littlest one’s requests lately. Thanks for pointing that out (and thanks for joining the discussion)! ♥ Michelle


I’d like to stop saying “as soon as mommy finishes her work” and start saying “ok” more often :)

BTW, I’m giving some great books away on my blog (and Starbucks cards). Stop by and enter!


I stopped by earlier and ran out of time, but I’ll stop by again and sign up! :) Thanks!

And thanks for taking time to comment! ♥ Michelle

Susan Jones

I would like to use…”stop fighting with each other” less and start using…”you guys are so sweet to each other” more. ;o)


Hmmmm…. I hear a Sunday School lesson coming on! “Be kind to your siblings (and yo’ mama)!” ;)

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