Just in case you were curious…

by SomeGirl on March 28, 2012 · 15 comments

Well, the break must have done my mind good for I have WAY too many thoughts to share today! Here are…

My Top Ten Thoughts at the moment (just in case you were curious) ;)

(drumroll please………….)

10. I wish I could get a handle on my ADHD and narrow this post down to one topic.

9. It was SO nice to have a spring blogging break last week… Thank you all for your kind words and support!

8. Our world is so loud. It’s no wonder we do our best thinking in the shower… it drowns out the noise and forces us to put down our phones/computers.

7. My yard is full of weeds… some pretty, some soft, some spiky, some ugly, some tall, some small, some that blend in with the grass, yet all in a place they don’t belong… all needing to be pulled out by the root.

6. I wish I was able to take #7 and make a whole post out of it, but I just can’t get it to come together. (and I wish my yard wasn’t so full of weeds!)

5. You never know who’s listening and watching what you do. You have much more influence than you think!

4. One of my sweet friends found out she is cancer free today… praise God! Instead of going out to eat a celebratory dinner she made a life-giving donation to provide clean water for those in need around the world. What a GREAT way to fraddle for the Thirsty and celebrate her gift of life and health!

3. Just $1 provides clean water for 1 person for a whole year. $100 provides clean water for a family for a generation. (get more information at http://water.cc)

2. I really dislike allergy season. (I know, so shallow after such a deep topic… hmmm… deep topic = drilling for water = wells… I totally didn’t mean to do that.) ;)

and my last thought for today (better make this a good one!)

1. YOU were created for something special! You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for YOU to do. (Ephesians 2:10)


Something to think about.


Deb Chitwood

Lots of great thoughts, Michelle! I love my shower thinking time, too! How wonderful that your friend is cancer free … and what an amazing way to celebrate! :)


Thoughts in response… #10 you make me smile! #8 Oh. Yeah. #6 Seriously, it was like you wrote the post, I totally got the analogy instantly. #5 This was one has been hitting home for me lately. #1 I love seeing how you DO the good works He created you to do Michelle!


What wonderful news about your friend! — Love you list. I am learning that sometimes it’s wise to just “wave the white flag” and keep the post simple. :)


Great post I feel, I look forward to reading others!

Shelly Miller

I love this idea of a list. And I have too many weeds in my grass too. Had to hire someone to take control this year. I finally gave up. Rejoicing about your friend, and the way she celebrates. And for raising my glass on the blogging break. I have one coming up soon.


Hooray for your friend! That is great news. And, I love your last thought. That verse is the inspiration behind my entire blog :)

Jamie (@va_grown)

for #4, praise God from whom all blessing flow
Amen on #2. :)

Positively Alene

What a great link up! I’m totally feeling your #8 at the moment. I think I need to sneak away to get that quiet I long for. Blessings, I’m off to enjoy more posts.

Laurie Collett

Love your top 10, especially #1! Praise God that He created us for a specific purpose to His glory.
Love in Him,


I just fraddled for my teen – I found his school soccer jersey that’s been missing for a week:) I so LOVE that word – and there is an awesome post in those weeds – can’t wait for you nurture it and watch it grow!!!

Robert Moon

We drink water from our faucet and forget to give thanks for it is common place with us. How often does the water of Life from above also become common to us. May we ever be greatful for both kinds of water. We give monthly to Samaritan’s Purse and they also have a water program. This one sounds good too.


To add to your own list of randomness, I was browsing Pinterest and came across this pin and recognized you! Must be one of your husband’s stock photos: http://pinterest.com/pin/204913851764853121/



Fun! Thanks for sharing that. And look at entry #22 above… does that praying lady look familiar? :) The first time Jean linked up I saw her thumbnail and said, “Hey, that’s ME!?” Cool, hu? She bought it a few years ago, uses it as her header, and then linked it up here… how random and coincidental is that?!

Ms. Kathleen

What a wonderful Top 10! So many positives… so many great thoughts. Have a wonderful day and GOD BLESS YOU!


What a blessing you are, Michelle!

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