Can I interest you in a nice, cold glass of Lemon:Aid?

by SomeGirl on August 20, 2012

Welcome to my virtual lemonade stand! I’m so glad that you are here!

Today is a very exciting day! Today, Jenny at The Southern Institute is raising money to help bring clean water to people who are in desperate need, and I am pitching in! Jenny is partnering with Blood:Water Mission, a non-profit that works hand in hand with African communities, providing clean water and hope. Today we can help by buying a glass of virtual lemonade (she makes the best), and donating the money to this wonderful organization. I’m so excited!

Jenny’s goal is to raise $1000, and I know that with your help we can help her do it. $1000 will bring clean water to 1000 people! Would you partner with me and Jenny to help the people of Africa… people like Semiya?

How can you say no?

Buy a glass of Lemon:Aid!

No donation is too small.

Whether you can donate $1 or $20,

each one of us can make a difference!





Click the button above to buy a glass of ice cold Lemon:Aid!

Thank you so much for making a difference in the life of someone who lives a world away from us… both literally and figuratively. Together we can make a difference! We can show them that we love them well, that we care about what they are going through, and that we are willing to put our words into action!


I’ll be back soon… I have a lot to fill you in on! ♥ Michelle

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