Let The Adventure Begin!

by SomeGirl on July 4, 2011 · 17 comments

Well, we’re packed up and ready to go! By the time you’re reading this we’re probably in the car starting our journey… to infinity and beyond! ;)

If you’re interested, here’s our official map (we’re taking 30 days to travel it):


When we talk about the trip I get SUPER excited! When I look at the map I wonder if we’ve LOST OUR MINDS!? ;)

But, seriously, I am SO excited! I can’t wait to share the journey with you guys!

For those who might be wondering, I do plan to blog along the way. I’m just not sure how that will look or how often it will happen. We’re going to be camping and I have no internet access on my iPad… so, if our campgrounds have internet I’ll log on and write a quick post (with pictures, of course!). We will also be staying in hotels, so I’ll be sure to blog when we’re there (after the boys go to sleep).

However, I do have access to twitter and instagram on my sweet husband’s iPhone… which means I’ll be sharing LOTS of pictures on twitter! If you don’t follow me yet, please do. I’m @SomeGirlsTweets. Give me a shout out and I’ll follow you back! ♥

Because I have a tendency to tweet a lot, I’ll make it easier for those of you who want to see road trip photos by using the hashtag #SomePix11. That way you can check out the pics, but not have to sort through all of my personal stuff (although it can be quite interesting). ;) lol

Even if you’re not on twitter, you can click on this link and see what’s going on… you just can’t comment.

For now, we have a quick stop at a family 4th of July party for lunch and then we’re off on a 6+ hour drive… just to get out of Texas!! We hope to be at the Grand Canyon by Wednesday. I’ll post pictures here, on twitter, or on FB, for sure!

Btw, I am planning on having Thought Provoking Thursday run while we’re gone (for the month of July). Either I will post or I’ll have some guest bloggers. Not sure which way it will happen, but it will. :) Get those posts ready to link up! We’ve had a lot of great posts linked up lately… I LOVE the energy and thoughts that are stirring on Thursdays around here!

I’ll be back with pics soon!!

Let me leave you with a little peek into our preparation…

Media tickets for watching DVDs in the car | What road trip is complete without a family set of matching Mavericks championship t-shirts? ;) | My littlest one packing a few important things (his bag is STUFFED full of books and LEGO bricks) | A few games for the family | A blurry, but cute family portrait after my sweet husband brought home our MAVS shirts. :)



Eeee! I know you will have a BLAST! We’ll be hitting the Grand Canyon a week after you. We’re staying at Maher Campground on the South Rim. I’d love to hear tips and must-sees! :-) Ages of the six kids range from 5-14. HAVE FUN! :-)

Cranberry Morning

What an adventure!! Maybe you’ll run into the Royals when you’re in California. lol Just remember when you’re in Arizona that there’s cooler weather awaiting you in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Have a marvelous time!


Michelle, So proud of you. What an adventure for your boys . . . and you and Steve!
I’ll be praying for safety for the 4 of you and for God’s blessings along the way.
I’m enjoying cool weather in London – 70’s. Unfortunately, my mum fell and broke her hip, so I’m caring for her for 6 weeks.


I really didn’t realize the extent of your trip! Amazing!! I am a little jealous…ok, a lot jealous!!! Work out all the kinks on your trip and write a travel guide for our family when you get back :) Have a great adventure!!


So excited for you. Can’t wait to follow along!!


I woke up thinking about you guys and your ridiculously fun trip! I’m so excited to travel alog via pics…I travel a ton for work, but I have a pretty good feeling that you will be seeing much cooler places than I see for work! :)
Praying for a safe journey!


EEEEK!!! You are practically driving by my house! Are you making any pit stops in Minnesota?? Ali (an ordinary mom) and I would LOVE to get some hugs!!

Have a great trip darlin’!! Prayers coming your way sweet friend!
~traci (theblondeknitter at izoom dot net)

april yedinak

What a great trip! Your children will remember this adventure for the rest of their lives. I wish you the best of luck and I am going to make sure I follow on twitter!

Betsy at Zen Mama

You’re going to have so much fun! Going for that long is the best way to travel and connect to your family. Can’t wait to read about your adventures. Maybe you’d like to do a guest post for Zen Mama Travels?

Cyndi Spivey

Have fun Michelle!! Can’t wait to see pictures!!
Safe travels,


I’m chuckling because we are off on an adventure too, soon. If you draw a line straight through your big circle, that is where we are headed and will be landing for about 10 days in Colorado!

It would be fun if we criss crossed paths! :)


Sounds like a pretty cool adventure!


You guys just might be a little crazy, but have fun! I look forward to following your travels. :)


I hope you are having fun! Hope your family party was nice too. 30 days! I can’t imagine! So glad we won’t have to miss you that whole time! :)


I love how you are journaling this trip. We leave July 22nd for a 2 week 3600 mile road trip. I may copy some of your ideas (after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right!). Have a safe trip!


I see that you are hitting Minneapolis. That is where I live. If you need some tips on Minnesota, let me know!

Hannah Willis

Hi there–
My dad told me about your family, blog, photography, and adventurous trip. He is Dave Sucsy–I guess you met him through iStock? Anyway, the plan for your travels looks fabulous and I’m jealous! I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog posts on stock photography, after helping my dad with staging and being involved in various ways with his artwork.

We live in Bonners Ferry, ID, which isn’t exactly on your current route. But if you want a place to stay, we have a guest room and 20 acres to spread out and take a break from the car. I’m on facebook as Hannah Sucsy Willis.

Nice to “meet” you–hope you are enjoying the road!

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