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by Guest blogger on March 18, 2010 · 20 comments

It was a beautiful day yesterday. My little guy and I headed out for lunch plans and on the drive home I realized just how beautiful it was. Part of me started to wonder if it was because it was the first time I had been out in a week (little guy was sick) or if it was that I was actually noticing the beauty of the day. I like to think that I notice beautiful things all the time but this was different. I could feel it.

We were on the highway on the way home – the sky was blue and the bright sun was just pouring down on us. For our area it was just gorgeous. About 60 degrees making it so warm in the car that the air kicked on to keep it the right temperature for the little one in the backseat. Now if you knew where I lived you’d know just how nice of a day this is for mid March. Just about 2.5 weeks ago the snowbanks were so high you probably couldn’t see me on the other side!

I love driving on the highway. At one point when we were coming around a bend I noticed to the left of me a bare tree. One ready to beg for leaves. It was large and almost poor looking and all of a sudden I noticed how the beautiful sun was shining through it and how it could be the perfect picture. The scene immediately brought a sense of peace to me and I started to think of the things that I am grateful for. I took a deep breath and thought about the lunch I just came from and how good it felt to get out, I thought about just how relieved and grateful I am that my little guy was feeling better. I thought about my family and how blessed I am. My niece that brings me a smile just by the funny things I hear her say and about her baby brother who is in for an adventure with the sister that he has! I thought about the fact that my grandmother thanked me the night before for calling her each and every day. How that thank you reminded me that I was doing something for someone and it was something she loves about her day. I could go on but for now I’ll just mention these few thoughts. But I will say that in this moment I was inspired. Inspired to continue to do the caring things that I try to do and inspired to try to do more.

What inspired you today? Tell us about it. Give yourself time today to notice something beautiful in your world.


To all the readers of SomeGirl’sWebsite – I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my post today. Michelle and I met not long ago and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed and thankful that she thought of me as a guest blogger this week. I’m here from A site I created to have a place to share my thoughts as well as a place where others could come and do the same. When you have time check out my about and submit your story page. You’ll see that this isn’t just my blog; it’s yours too!


Betsy Henry

Congrats on you guest post! I enjoy both your blogs so much!

Aren’t those the best days! I was in Boulder last Sat. It was 60 degrees, my birthday, sitting in an outdoor cafe in the sun, watching people with my husband and three boys. I said, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” And I knew that spring was really here! Yes, that’s inspiring!


Hi Betsy! Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sounds like a perfect day!

Laura Maly

Great post! I often think we could all use a bit more perspective when it comes to truly appreciate the blessings we have, the world around us and how life itself is such a gift. Thanks for the reminder. =)


You’re welcome, Laura! Thanks so much and thank you for taking the time to comment!


This is such a sweet post! I have been feeling the same with the nice weather and the fact that my hibernating months are over. Spring definitely inspires me! It makes me feel happy and hopeful. It’s like you are born again after a long and cold winter (nedless to say, I dislike winter very much).


Thank you, Andrea! It really has been a long winter! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!


Wonderful post! I always love it when someone is inspired to take note of the blessings around them. Glad you had such a great day, and thanks for sharing it with us!


You’re welcome, Shell! Love your site!


What an awesome (and inspiring) post. I am listening to the birds sing right now, and that always makes me happy. Thank you for the uplifting start to my Thursday.


Thank you, JamieAnne! :)

Mia Rossi

I’m getting excited about the nicer weather too. I’ve actually gotten a chance to visit with some of my neighbors now that everyone is venturing outside more. We moved back in Sept. and it was fun to meet new people. Today I was inspired to be more neighborly and more proactive about inviting people over.


That sounds nice, Mia! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Some Girl

What a lovely post! I am inspired by your writing and ability to make your reader feel as if they’re in the car with you… you have a real gift! Thank you for sharing that gift here with us! You’ve done a GREAT job!!! Love, Michelle

Btw, I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed, too! :)


Thank you, Michelle! You are too sweet!


Congratulations on your guest post! You really took me there, I felt everything you were describing and it was so lovely. You are right about giving yourself the time to reflect and appreciate all of our blessings. I love that God’s gifts are never lost on you.


Hi Lori! Thank you! I appreciate your sweet comments!


Beautiful! I can feel the warmth from the sun and the beauty of the tree. There is a big one in my yard begging for leaves too. Ah spring!


Thank you, Robin~

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