Lions and Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

by SomeGirl on February 18, 2010

The kitchen is a mess, there are toys on the living room floor, a pile of laundry by the washing machine and I’m sitting next to a bag of groceries that needs to be put away… but I spent some great time with my boys at the zoo today, fraddling around with them. We went wherever they wanted to go and saw the animals they wanted to see. It was nice. The weather was beautiful and they talked about it the rest of the evening. Now, it’s quiet and the boys are in bed. I’m about to start my work cleaning up the mess. Oh, I made a great Orzo and Feta dish that I found on Once A Week Vegan (although I used real feta and served it with Lemon Pepper Rotisserri Chicken). It was DELICIOUS! I only wish I had stopped at 3 servings! ;) Here’s a peek into our day at the zoo (one of the boys broke my camera, so it has a little black at the top… try to ignore it, if you can).

photo from here (not our zoo)

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