Location, Location, Location (Photography Wednesday)

by SomeGirl on May 31, 2011 · 7 comments

Yesterday we had our first watermelon of the summer and, as any good photographer with a blog, I wanted to document the moment with pictures. ;)

As everyone gathered around the table for their own piece of summer goodness, I grabbed my camera and starting shooting right from where I sat.

Here is what the photos looked like from that location (please ignore the crazy composition as I was shooting one-handed trying not to get sticky juice on the camera):



It was around 1:00 in the afternoon with the sun overhead, just slightly to the west. My littlest one (on the left) was sitting on the east side of the table (to my left). Across from me sat two of our FAVORITE people (the sun above and slightly behind them, making them very dark – backlit).

I didn’t like the way these photos were turning out, so I moved to the west side of the table to get the sunlight in their faces (with my back to the sun).

Here is what the photos looked like from that location:



Boy, was the sun bright on their faces! That bright light washed out some of the great details I wanted to capture (the color of the watermelon) and cast shadows on their loving, joyful eyes (which I’d LOVE to see better).

Unhappy with the way these photos were turning out, I moved to another spot in the yard where the children had gone to eat their tasty summer treat… under a big shade tree.

Here are some examples from that location:



I’m much happier with how these photos turned out!

I didn’t change any settings on the camera; I simply changed the location from where I shot the photos.

In order to show you the true difference, the only post-processing done on all of the photos used in this post was a basic auto-adjustment of temperature, contrast and levels – which made very little change to the original image.

However, if you were to shoot in RAW (yes, another plug for shooting in RAW) you could adjust your exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation even more to create brighter, crisper photos…



The bottom line is (with or without RAW), just like real-estate, good lighting (resulting in good pictures) is very much about your location, location, location.

Hope to see you tomorrow for Thought-Provoking Thursday! ♥


ali @ an ordinary mom

Remember life before digital cameras?! Back when you couldn’t have seen the shadows or the washed out faces and/or colorless watermelon, until it was way too late… the horror {gasp!} :)

I need to get better about watching for things like this, I have far too many washed out faces on my hard drive! :)

I’m loving your tips, keep ’em coming!


{gasp!!} There were days without digital cameras??! I’m WAY too young to know about that! ;) lol

That is SO true. I had almost forgotten about those days… snapping away, not knowing what you had taken, sometimes getting back rolls of complete blackness. Phew! I’m so thankful for what we have now!

That hard drive is our newest photo problem… so many great pictures sitting inside our computers… I have GOT to get some of ours printed out! Do you print many of yours?

(Hmmm… wondering to myself: Is “GOT” a Texas thing or do other people use that? Suddenly I’m aware that might make me sound a little country.) ;)

Thank you, btw, for your encouragement! ♥


First, I’m thinkin’ the “GOT” is only makin’ ya sound country if you say it “GAWT”…. ;) But, being your Texas neighbor across the street, maybe I’m not the best judge? LOL.

Second, I love, love, love the way you describe what’s wrong in the photos. I can absolutely see that it’s not right. And I can look at the washed out ones and say “Washed out” or “too bright” but to have to you say there are shadows over the eyes, or the color of the watermelon isn’t coming through….that helps me to understand the WHYS of it, which make it so much easier to try and avoid those mistakes myself. So, as always, THANK YOU! The time you spend on these photo posts is very much appreciated over here!!

Third….I took a ba-zillion pics this weekend to practice…. Maybe I’ll have time to upload them before tea. :)


Oh, these pictures just put alonging in my heart for the care-free days of summer!

Beautiful pics!



Great tip – “I simply changed the location from where I shot the photos”.

I always think its my cruddy cheap camera rather than where I’m standing!!

Deb Chitwood

Michelle, I LOVE your posts where you show what went wrong and how it can be improved! I also tend to say “have got.” But I grew up in a farming community in South Dakota. lol! :)


Great pictures! I really need to pick up my camera… I think my main issues are location, location, location…

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