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Look At What Came in the Mail!

by SomeGirl on October 17, 2010 · 22 comments

The clothes that you helped me choose (thank you)!!

It’s ALL so pretty!! I LOVE EVERY PIECE and can’t wait to model for you starting THIS Thursday from The Relevant Conference (I’ll be posting pictures and other fun details each day of the conference)!

I’ll admit I was worried about how the pants would fit with my lovely hips, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how WELL they and everything fits. The items are all very true to size; gotta love that for ordering online! And they’re OH-SO comfortable!!

Btw, all but one piece came in… but the kind people at Soft Surroundings are so nice, they’re shipping the back-ordered piece to our hotel in Harrisburg! (Thank you, Jim!)

And look at what else I got in the mail…

SUPER CUTE little roses from a WONDERFUL Etsy shop: Paper Flora!

They are GREAT for adding a little charm or personal touch to any outfit, headband, purse, jacket, etc…  And have you seen how popular flowers are this year?? They’re on everything!!

Here’s how I’ve worn them so far (the picture doesn’t do them justice).

I loved the compliments I got wearing them! And I love the fact that I can move them around to make different designs! Ok, I just LOVE my flowers!! (Thank you, Natalie!!) Btw, they have more choices of colors than just black… check them out! :)

Ya’ know? I don’t think I’ve ever been this well fashioned! Now, the question is… how am I going to get all this GREAT stuff in my suitcase??

And how will my husband have any room for his stuff?? ;)

note: all of the above items were sent to me at no charge. I offered to share my review of each product. I have not been asked or paid to say anything. All opinions are mine.



Can’t wait to see all the cuteness……in 3 days!!!!!!! :)


Yay!!!!! 3 days!!!!! My bags are almost all packed… we leave the house EARLY tomorrow morning to fly to Harrisburg!! Can’t wait to see you!!!!! ♥


Cuteness. So wish I was going to the conference. Have fun!


I so wish you were going, too! ♥

Cranberry Morning

Have fun, everyone! :-)


Thanks, Judy! :)


Those pants look really comfortable! Glad you are happy with everything you received!


Thanks, J! Yeah, I normally don’t like the fit of most pants… I was really surprised! They earned lots of points in my book for that! :)


Wooo hooo! How exciting!!! I can’t wait to you see fashion all that stuff off! I know you’ll look great!!!!!!
I am sooo nervous about going LOL–mostly about being homesick. *sigh* you can read today’s blog post for more details on that. ;)


Thanks, Christin!! I’ll be praying your homesickness isn’t bad… you’ll have a GREAT time!! (We all will!!) :) Can’t wait to meet you!! ♥


Can’t wait to see and hear about it through you! Have a fabulous time and bring back all kinds of good stuff(info) to share, will ya? Oh, and don’t forget to hand out hugs from me…. :)


I’ll give out lots of hugs for you and bring you with me in spirit with my mob society necklace!! We’ll HAVE to get together as soon as I get home to catch up on everything! :)


Safe travels! See you Wednesday!! :)


Can’t wait!!! :)

Heidi B

You will look great. Have a wonderful time. Might have to borrow the wrap dress!!


Thank you, Heidi! You can borrow anything you’d like, Girl! ;)


Wow, you are going to look so adorable! I, om the other hand will be NOT be in spanky new clothes :) SO looking forward to it anyway. And still feeling like a 40 year old freshman ;)


Girl, you were SUPER CUTE and nothing like a 40 year old frshman! Can’t believe it’s over already and I didn’t get to say Goodbye! guess we’ll have to do it again! ;) I LOVED meeting you and chatting!!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe

I won some of her pretty blue flowers just recently! I love them!!!


Aren’t they GREAT?!! I’d LOVE to have some in all colors! ;)

Btw, it’s great to see you here!

April Robins

Daddy just wants to know how you do it, getting such wonderful gifts.


Having a blog has perks! :)

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