For Our Marriages {Day Ten}

by SomeGirl on October 9, 2011 · 10 comments

After standing in the grocery store check out line looking at magazine covers, I felt a strong need to make today a day of prayer for our marriages.

I’d like to encourage us to pray for God to stir and awaken in our hearts a GREAT love for those He has given us to have and to hold.

I pray our marriage relationships would be lighthouses in the darkness of this world…

May God’s glory shine and His love radiate to others as they see our love for our spouses!

May our love for them speak volumes of God’s love for us.

As I write this and begin to pray for you, my sweet friends, I am mindful that there are many of you who have spouses who don’t believe. I pray that your great love for your spouse would be a strong and mighty force, drawing them to The One who loves them more than you ever could. I will be praying for you!

For some wonderful, tangible ways to show love to your spouse, check out 31 Days of Encouragement for Our Spouses by my sweet, in real life and blogging friend, Stefanie.



You are the author and perfecter of our faith.

You formed us in our mother’s or birth-mother’s womb.

All of the days ordained for us were written by You before one came to be.

You knew we’d be here praying together today and You knew who we would be married to.

Please stir in our hearts a great love for You and for the ones you’ve given us.

Please show us how to best speak that love to them.

I pray you would fill our hearts so fully that we would give out of the overflow, expecting nothing in return.

And I pray the world will see the love You’ve given us for our spouses and glorify You because of it!

May we love as you loved us, sacrificially and freely.


I’m SO glad you’re here praying with me today!

If you’re just joining in, you can find a list of all posts in this 31 day series here


Jenny @ The Southern Institute

Tom and I were at a wedding today and the minister encouraged the couple by saying that each of their jobs was to make the other one look good. At first I thought it was silly, but the more I thought about it, the more I agreed. Our job is to make our spouse shine. We are to hold them in high regard, never to speak negatively about them to others, love them more than we love ourselves. Funny that I read this tonight too. I feel God encouraging me in this today… thank you for being sensitive to His spirit’s leading, Michelle!


“Our job is to make our spouse shine.” Love that!

Thank you for your comment, Jenny. It’s so encouraging to think that God would use this place and these words to encourage you in your relationship with Tom. I pray you’ve taken lots of opportunities to make him shine! :)

Cranberry Morning

It may seem old fashioned to some, but if men would ‘love their wives as their own bodies’ and women would ‘respect their husbands,’ as God wants them to, there would be many more happy marriages. I see so many young women treat their husbands so disrespectfully, and men being selfish, considering themselves first. Of course they have lousy marriages. How often do we see women respecting and appreciating their husbands – and telling them so.


So true, Judy. And that disrespect is modeled all over the media… makes me uncomfortable and sad every time I see/hear it.

May we be examples for others to follow of respecting and appreciating our husbands!

Michelle @Special Mom Space

Lord knows marriage is under attack. So many people say it’s an “old” institution.


If the enemy can tear apart our families, he’ll have an easier time tearing apart our churches… we need to pray for our families more now than ever. Thanks for your comment, Michelle!


Great post for today! Our marriages need to reflect God’s love to the world.


So true. Thank you!


Thanks for sharing your burden to pray for marriage! It’s scary how many marriages are struggling to win the attacks being hurled at them! God’s really burdened me to pray for marriages a lot lately as well.


It is scary… praying with you!

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