Love in Action… A Gift.

by SomeGirl on January 11, 2012 · 12 comments

(Fraddling – Love in Action)

a treat for myself while grocery shopping

dodgeball with the boys

a message of love

candlelit dinners

getting creative with gluten, dairy, soy free treats

impromptu art time

hot tea and a little time alone

a creative outlet (instagram)

kiwi for chocolate covered kiwi popsicles…. mmmm

taking care of our bodies with good foods

caring for a sick little one

playing pretend

special gifts and treasures

cooking for my family

looking for beauty in unexpected ways

spending time alone with my sweet husband on our weekly date night

not pictured…

driving to therapy

researching food and health information

putting together missions/outreach opportunities at church

tweeting to raise awareness of human trafficking

teaching photography



staying off line as much as possible to spend time with my guys.


How have you been fraddling lately?

Your love in action is a gift someone is longing to receive.

Something to think about.




What an amazing word!
I love it!
And what beautiful memories you captured…

Deb Chitwood

I love your fraddling photos and messages, Michelle! I was lucky that my husband and I were able to spend lots of time with our kids and kids-in-love over Christmas and New Years. I’m still treasuring the memories … family time is always the best time! :)


I had to click on Fraddling to see what it was – I just love it! And, I love the photo collage. It made me smile. Thanks for this great link up each week. :-)


First of all, I love that you are finding art in the everyday with your Instagram! It makes us so intentional and purposeful with our time, doesn’t it.

Second, I appreciate the way you are trying to spend as much time as possible with your family. I struggle with this when I am feeling exhausted. All I want to do is check out online instead of pushing through and just sitting with my family. A good reminder!


I’ve long appreciated your fraddling message, and your photos are great! Yesterday I fraddled by playing a board game with my boys. I didn’t want to, but it ended up being fun and (most importantly) they loved it.

Laurie Collett

God blesses us and speaks to us in so many unexpected ways — a surprise treat to brighten our spirits when we most need it. Your blog is like that!
May God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Nikki @simplystriving

I found myself using fraddle in a sentence yesterday — all because of you! = )
and I love this post. such fraddling….
Thanks for encouraging me to fraddle!

Betsy at Zen Mama

Ah, Fraddling! My favorite thing about your website that brings me back again and again!! :)
I have a wonderful post to add today about a Happiness Project! Hope everyone will like it!

What beautiful photos of your family!!

Hazel Moon

I read elsewhere that a young mother found that lighting candles at the dinner table helped sooth and quiet her young children. Your list makes me jealous ! (not really that would be sin.)


Your picture of the bare branches reminded me of this story: Worthwhile read. The images of bare branches is addressed throughout the book a number times and described with much beauty.

Amanda Jones

Don’t know what else to say except… LOVE it! Especially the idea of love in action being a gift… I definitely have something to ponder today! Thank you :-)


Love this!

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