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Love Life to the Fullest (Thought Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on September 1, 2010 · 20 comments

There’s a thought that’s been STUCK in my head since Monday evening when I saw a plaque that said, “Love life to the fullest and embrace it with no regrets.” I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been loving life to the fullest and embracing it with no regrets lately, at least not in the past 2 weeks. So, I’m making some changes and giving my family more of me… giving my friends more of me… giving God more of  me… loving the ones in my life more fully and embracing the time I have with them more intentionally, so that I will have NO regrets.

Something I’ve been thinking about (and doing much better at) this week.

What about you? What have you been thinking about lately?

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Perfect timing! We’re thinking alike again :)


What a beautiful thought provoking post and a GREAT reminder to love others as God loves us… thank you for linking up, Leah! Gotta love God’s perfect timing! :)


Cute dress! :)

Sorry to run off yesterday. I felt rude. :(


Thanks! Don’t feel rude, it’s a sign of being good friends… it means we’re good enough friends for a quick drop by! :) Love ya! (Praying!)


Thanks for linking up, btw! ♥


That’s that whole “living on purpose” thing; everything tastes so much better! And when you lay your head on the pillow at night, you know your day counted. Go for it and enjoy!


Thanks, Barbara! What a sweet taste! Somehow I’ve managed to make it through 40 years with only 1 regret (and it’s a dumb one about not securing my floorboards before installing carpet to get rid of squeaks in my boys’ room)… but I could see how my recent time of blogging, hopping around trying to keep up with everyone, tweet to everyone and whatnot could lead to more serious regret than loose floorboards. So, I’m backing off online and embracing my family and friends around me… Thanks for your note to go for it! I don’t want to regret time lost with my boys. You’re comment strengthens my resolve! ♥ (and my comment’s a lot more than you asked for!) ;) Thank you so much! Love, Michelle


Living without regrets is something I’ve struggled with. Or more so dealing with past regrets. Thanks for your thought provoking post!


Regrets stink, don’t they?! The first post linked, “Releasing Regrets” is a GREAT read for dealing with past regrets… she writes, “When I live in regret I am holding on to past experiences, and not being present in the moment. Our past experiences shape us, so it is more useful to acknowledge regret, release it, and learn what that means for us in the present. What can we do today? How can we use regret to change future outcomes?” GREAT stuff! And she goes on… sorry, you may have read it already, but I thought it was worth quoting regardless. :)

Thanks for linking up, btw! I was hoping you would… I LOVE your post! I’m going to call my grandparents (the boys’ great-grandparents) today to see if we can visit them tomorrow because of you! I’ve been “meaning to do it” but get lulled into holiday visits only… but you’ve encouraged me to do it NOW! Thank you, J! ♥


OMGosh!! I almost forgot my first Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow!! Aagh! ;) Guess I’m calling today and visiting another day… boy that would have been AWKWARD! lol (making a BIG note to stick above my computer… “Blog Talk Radio Show Friday at 11:00am!”)


I have a moment or two right now and hope to read it as long as the little guy doesn’t wake up. (I should be doing laundry, dishes, but here I am – ONLINE!)

I’m glad you liked the post. Too funny that you almost forgot about tomorrow morning. I hope you can schedule that visit with your grandparents soon! Perhaps early in the week! :)


We went TODAY and had a GREAT time! I’m SO glad we did it! Thank you! ♥ Michelle

Btw, we’re going again in 3 weeks… it’s in the calendar (which I bought this morning when I almost missed my first show). ;)

Cranberry Morning

I think that regrets can serve a purpose, reminding us of what’s really important in life (and what isn’t), but wallowing in regret is damaging to us and the people around us. Picking up, moving on, asking God to guide us so that we stay on the right path and bring glory to His name, is what a happy life is all about. :-)


Good point, Judy! I tell my boys all the time, “mistakes are okay as long as you learn from them.” Regrets are just mistakes that linger in our minds, aren’t they? Let’s learn from them and move on, trusting God along the way. I like the way you think! Thank you! ♥


Awesome post! Service for God is never wrong! :)


Thank you, Sherry! I loved your post… thank you for linking up! ♥ Michelle

Betsy Henry

Great idea to have a linky! Here’s a quote I love that seems to go with that: “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”  ~Arthur Rubinstein


Yeah, Michelle from So,I Married a Mennonite suggested it. :) I think I’ll have one each week. :) I loved your post, btw! Reminds me of the quote, “Life is 10% circumstance, 90% how you react.” (funny, Shell’s Finding Gratitude Through Frustration post reminded me of that, too.) :) Thanks for linking up! And for being you (and letting us get to know you in the ups and downs)! ♥



We have been thinking alike this week, i love it xxx


Me, too! ♥ ♥

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