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by SomeGirl on February 7, 2011 · 41 comments

Yesterday, after a lot of good food and during the Superbowl game, we had cupcakes… frosted, sprinkled cupcakes… just right for a birthday party.

And we had children… lots of children… with laughter and joy, running and playing and eating cupcakes.

But we were missing one… and the cupcakes were for her.

Neuroblastoma robbed us of the joy of watching this precious little girl (my niece) turn 9 yesterday, but we know that nothing can ever rob her of the joy she is experiencing today with her Savior.

However, we would choose to still have her here if the choice were there. Unfortunately it isn’t, but for countless others, there is still hope… hope of a cure.

And there’s an organization that is working to bring an end to this dreadful disease that robs the life of a child every 16 hours… every 16 hours*.

Lunch for a Cure® is about helping children who have been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a deadly form of cancer that strikes thousands of infants and toddlers each year.

This fundraising program is a simple but powerful solution: they ask people to donate one day’s lunch money to the Neuroblastoma Foundation, a public charity dedicated to curing this cancer.

The cost of one lunch, if enough people contribute, will help save lives, fund research for a cure and provide support for families and help eradicate this disease.*

Not only does Lunch for a Cure® take donations, but they also sell Cookbooks to help raise funds.

The Lunch for a Cure Cookbook is a collaboration of families of children with neuroblastoma.  Over 150 families contributed their absolute best recipes to the production of this cookbook.  (All proceeds go to benefit The Neuroblastoma Foundation, a 501(c) 3 public charity dedicated to finding the cure for neuroblastoma.)*

So, in honor of my sweet niece, Elesha Jane’s 9th Birthday I’m giving away a Lunch for a Cure Cookbook to one of you, my sweet readers.

All I ask that you do (to enter this giveaway) is to tweet about this, FB about this, tell a friend about this, put a link in your blog about this… anything to get the word out… anything.

Please help spread the word in order to save other families the heartbreak of having birthday parties without the guest of honor in attendence. I know they will appreciate it.


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Leave a comment below to enter the giveaway. A winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday evening.

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in the US and it kills more children per year than cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, asthma and AIDS combined. There are 15 children diagnosed with cancer for every one child diagnosed with pediatric AIDS. Yet, the U.S. invests approximately $595,000 for research per victim of pediatric AIDS and only $20,000 for each victim of childhood cancer.*

*taken from the Lunch for a Cure® website



A beautiful post. <3 I am going to FB and tweet for you!


Thank you, Jenn!

Lisa Barrett

I have also lost a daughter, my only natural born child, at 19 years old due to texting and driving. The pain of losing a child, no matter how, never goes away. We would have celebrated her 24th birthday this past January. I am so sorry for your loss but we both now that they are both being held, right now, in God’s loving hands. Thank you for sharing your story….


Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry for your loss, too! Praise God we don’t mourn as those without hope, knowing our loved ones are with Him! Thank you for your comment!


Oh dear friend….my heart aches for you. I would be more than happy to spread the word. She would be the same age as my daughter. Now I know what we will talk about when you are on my radio show!!!!


Thank you so much, Karen! So, I’m going to be on your radio show???! FUN!

Eryn {mamahall}

i’ll be tweeting about this all day, Michelle. God bless you & your family. xo


Thank you so much, Eryn! xoxo

Hope Wilbanks

Love this! RT for you!!


Thank you SO much! ♥

Renee Simmons

Shared with my fanpage & twitter friends! xoxo


Thanks for all you’ve done to spread the word, Renee! It has been nice to meet you today! ♥ Michelle


well written,


Love you!


My friend Talia is undergoing treatment at this time. My heart goes out to all the families impacted by this terrible disease.


And my heart and prayers go out to your friend. It’s a horrible disease! {HUGS}

Nanette Edmonds

Twittering about this today! So sorry about your loss to this devastating disease.


Thank you, Nanette! ♥

Cranberry Morning

I am so sorry to hear about your niece. Knowing that she is with her Savior does not take away the pain or stop the grieving, but consoles in the way that only God can. What a horrid disease. We live in a fallen world. Thank you for the post. God bless you for getting the word out.


Amen. Thank you, Judy!

Diana Bradford Hatch

Such a nice posting! Good luck to you


I appreciate that, Diana! ♥


What a great way to honor your niece. I’m praying for your family.

hugs, m


Thanks, my sweet friend! ♥


I will FB. Great idea to donate lunch money! Everyone can afford to give one day’s worth of lunch money.


Isn’t it such an easy and good idea? Thanks for spreading the word! xoxo


Great post! I’m spreading the word, too.

Breaks my heart to realize exactly how close in age she would be to Ethan. We have got to find a cure.


Doesn’t it? I agree… we have got to find a cure! You do so much toward that goal… thank you! ♥

Shannon W.

Sorry about your niece. What a great cause, I tweeted! shannonforpeace(at)


Thank you, Shannon!


Don’t need to enter – just tell you I heart what you just did. That is all.


You’re so supportive, Craig. Thank you!

Dorcie L.

What a lovely memorial for your niece and a great way to get the word out. I’ll retweet and have lunch for the cause. Well done.


Oh, that brings my heart such joy to know that his post encouraged you to have lunch for the cause… thank you, thank you!! ♥ Michelle

ali @ an ordinary mom

$595,000 vs. $20,000??!!?? That’s just wrong…

When we were in the PICU with 2 of our girls a little over a yr ago, there was a little girl in the next room just starting treatment for leukemia, different cancer, but tragic as well… My heart went out for her parents so much! There we were, scared, with 2 very sick daughters, but when it was over, it was over, kwim? We went home after 8 days and that was that… Pediatric cancer, isn’t over in 8 days, it just breaks my heart.

I have a very strong family history of breast cancer (maternal grandmother and 3 of my mother’s sisters), and it’s hard and scary and tragic, but somehow it’s not quite as heartbreaking, in the same way, as when a child gets cancer…


Can you believe it??! I do know what you mean…. and it is heartbreaking.

I pray you are spared from your family history of breast cancer. My mother is a survivor and we have no history from her bloodline so I know how you feel. So thankful we have a God who has written our days (and we can trust His writing)!

Lots of love! ♥

Kristin Lemus

You niece was beautiful!

A family from our church just recently lost their son to neuroblastoma ( It is such a tragic thing to go through.

Don’t need to enter the giveaway but I wanted to tell you that I am praying with you for a cure and will spread the word.



Beautifully written Michelle. Thank you for remembering Elesha in this way. The photos are beautiful too! I’m so thankful you’re a part of our family!

Love you Sister


Very well said Michelle! What a joy it was to be part of the celebration and to hear more about Elisha and the cause that supports finding a cure. It was also great getting to know Mimi and Karen better. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

Lisa Richardson

I will definitely FB this for you!

Karen Loomis

Bless you!

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