CUTE Healthy Valentine’s Treats for Kids (the MacGyver Mom way)

by SomeGirl on February 10, 2010 · 4 comments

I had a MacGyver moment last night (dating myself, hu?) I went to make these cute watermelon heart treats for my oldest son’s valentine’s party today and couldn’t find my heart-shaped cookie cutter! I mentioned before that my husband is a stock photographer (which means he shoots everyday, generic photos and uses everyday props like heart shaped cookie cutters)… well, I knew he had used the cookie cutter in one of his recent photoshoots, but he couldn’t find it anywhere… I had my watermelon sliced and ready to be cut! I know I could have just cut chunks and taken it that way, but I wanted to make these cute treats. So, I looked around thinking of what I could use to cut hearts out of the watermelon… I felt like MacGyver… hmmm… midnight, time’s ticking away… what do I have… scissors… a coke can… that’s it! I’ll cut a ring out of the coke can and bend it in shape to make a heart! With just seconds left before the house blew up! (Oh, nevermind)… anyway, here’s how they turned out.

He was SO pleased with his treat and happy to take them to the party (and felt very fraddled for)!  Thanks to MacGyver!

And this just might become one of our Valentine’s Day traditions! Btw, I used cantaloupe instead of oranges for the arrows for a nice taste combination.

Here’s another healthy treat for Valentine’s Day: Take strawberries, cut the green out by making a V-shape at the base, then cut the strawberries in half to form a heart… cute, healthy and delicious.

Top photo from here (Family Fun) There are other great ideas there, too!

Bottom photo from here

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Very Cute! And very creative, MacGyver!


okay, made these too, and they were a big hit! So were your strawberry hearts! Thanks!

Some Girl

Glad they were a hit! You’re welcome! :)

Heidi Barrier

Ok, my McGyver Mom Tip:

You don’t need to pay alot $$ for a good microdermabrasion treatment for your face. Make one from with baking soda. All you need to do is add a little baking soda with your normal facial cleaner. Put the mixture on a good facial loofah and scrub away. Do this every other day for about two weeks and you will see your glowing reflection in the mirror.

If you want to get a little crazy, you can use sand instead of the baking soda. Clean sand, not from your kid’s sandbox! Do this every 3 or 4 days, since sand is rougher, but will definitely take off all the dead skin from your face!

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