Taking Magical Photos during the Golden Hour

by SomeGirl on March 27, 2012 · 10 comments

I’ve heard about the “golden hour” and how magical photos can turn out during it (the hour before sunset, or after sunrise). But I’ve never fully understood it until this week…

My husband and I were sitting outside just before dinner a couple of days ago, when he pointed out how beautiful the grass and crane flies looked in the glow of the sunlight.

The light was hitting the grass just right, with a bit of a golden hue.

I tried to capture it with my iPhone…

You can’t quite see the magic that I saw, but you can see that the sun is relatively low on the horizon and it’s beams are shooting straight across the grass.

Everything in the path of that light seemed to glisten and glow.

It was so beautiful! And it lasted for such a short period of time.

Since then I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get out and capture that LOVELY glow.

Fortunately, I just happened to be out enjoying the weather and watching my boys play when it happened again.

Everything began to glimmer and I was thankful to have my phone handy to capture a few magical photos/memories…

Let’s just say that I’m definitely a new fan of the Golden Hour!

I guess the experts are right when they say lighting makes such a difference in photos. I can see it now!

Which has me wondering what other wonderful lighting I’ve been missing?

Want to join me on a hunt for light? We can report to each other next Wednesday what we find. :)


Jessie Gunderson

I heart discovering new things about photography and my camera. So far my favorite lighting is a north window on an overcast day. Skin and eyes look soooo cool if you get the light on the subject and not on the back of your head as you take the picture. Um, yes, I’ve done that. :) Thanks for the tips!


Thanks for the lighting tip! I am definitely going to try that out.

Gail Debenport

Yes, I like assignments. I’ll work on that one this week Michelle.


Can’t wait to see what you shoot! :-)

Gail Debenport

Tuesday of next week, we are going to Llano, TX to shoot the blue bonnets. Will try early and late shots.


So does this mean you’ll be willing to get up to catch the sun in the MORNING too?? ;D

Beautiful shots.


Uhhh… ;)

(Thank you)

Betsy at Zen Mama

Great shots Michelle! I love taking pictures as the sun gets low. Here in Colorado as the rising or setting sun hits the mountain we call it the Alpen Glow. It’s so beautiful!!
Great post!

Penny Schultz

Nice photos. One comment you made – it lasted just a short time – struck me. I have come to believe that my Father God drops blessings like these in your photos, along the road wondering if I notice. Most often, I do. It’s like they are simple little blessings just for me. Thanks for the reminder.


Nice pictures! I have so much to learn from you!

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