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by SomeGirl on October 18, 2010 · 9 comments

So, I asked last week where your beauty comes from and I believe wholeheartedly a woman’s beauty comes the love of God  in her heart and a smile on her face… all the other stuff like fashion, hair and make up are just extras. (I know it might be hard to believe with all the fashion posts I have been and am about to be doing, but I really do believe it! I mean, what beautifully frosted cake would taste good without a sweet base of fluffy goodness under it all, right?)

With that said, I had so much fun playing around with some of the “extras” in the form of makeup last week! My good friend, Kara, came over to give my good friend, Shell, and I a makeover. We took before pictures,

(coming soon)

cleaned our faces,

learned some great skincare and makeup tips,

dolled ourselves up and took after pictures.

(coming soon)

Soon, the real fun begins…

November 1-14th I’ll share my before and after pictures with you guys and ask you to go vote! :)

The three people with the most votes will win a GREAT prize AND the people who vote will also be entered to win a GREAT prize!!

I’ll share all of the details with you when the time comes, but for now if you’re in the area and want to be a part of the Mary Kay Makeover contest yourself, let Kara know by contacting her through her website. You’ll have a FUN time with her! We sure did!



How fun!! Can’t wait to see the before & after pics! Have a safe flight today! =)


Oh, Girl!! you don’t want to see the before pics!! ;) lol

Btw, I just LOVED meeting you in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betsy Henry

Can’t wait to see the clothes and hear about your conference! I’ll have to try this for a spring conference I’m in. You’ll have to tell me what you wrote. Have a great time! Thanks for reading the book, by the way!


I’ll tell you all the secrets I learned!! :)

Cranberry Morning

Eager to see the pics! Sounds like you had fun. I’m a lipstick and mascara person, so I’m afraid Mary Kay would never survive if they were counting on me. LOL


Once again, more similarities… I am TOTALLY a lipstick/mascara gal!! I like being like you, Judy! :)


I see that McDonald’s coke cup on the table! ;) LOL! What a fun idea! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Have a great time at the conference!


Hahaha!! I wondered if anyone would notice!! ;)


Btw, I’m still at around 1 a day!! Woo-hoo!! ;)

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