Midnight blogger (unplugged day)

by SomeGirl on February 2, 2010 · 4 comments

It’s not quite midnight yet, but I have learned that I blog best after 10pm… which means I end my writing, researching, reading, surfing, whatnot, blogging sometime around midnight. (Which is probably good since my boys who are 7 and 2  need some mommy interaction during the day.) I unplugged for the most part of the day today and had a great time with my littlest one while my oldest one was in class (did I ever mention that I home-school him? He goes to “school” one day a week for science and art). During that time, my youngest and I went to Target (by special request), played in the toy aisle, got a snack at Wendy’s, played at the park and after class we met friends at McDonald’s to play and talk (mom play). It was a great day. I’ve missed interacting while I’ve been getting this blog up and going. On the bright side, I finally found a cure for my addiction to FB. :) (Now, if I could just find a cure for my addiction to blogging) lol

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Cali Bird

There is no pill you can pop to get you unaddicted lol I left you something on my blog :D

Some Girl

Thanks for the award Cali Bird! I’ll post it soon! :) BTW, a pill to break the addiction would be GREAT!


I don’t have a solution, but you got me thinking….I have been off of FB for hmmm, 6 months and now I am about to start a new addiction…Thanks to you and the other OM.

Some Girl

Are you starting a blog????!!!! That would be great! :)

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