Mornings Like This… Ahhh

by SomeGirl on July 27, 2010 · 9 comments

I can’t believe it’s 75 degrees  at 9:45am in Texas during the last week of July! And I can’t believe it’s the last week of JULY! Time flies, doesn’t it?! At the moment, I’m sitting outside at a round iron table watching  the boys go between a  breakfast “picnic” and playing together. The air is crisp and cool (I could even stand  a long-sleeve shirt). The birds are making  lovely sounds, a few cars are driving by, there’s a distant roar of an airplane in the sky, I’ve greeted a neighbor across the way, the grass is a lovely shade of green after last night’s rain and it ALL feels sublime! Thank you God for the  break in the heat! Thank you for refreshing my body and my soul with mornings like this!

Bonus! I just got to see two friends (@2BeStill and @kikikaz)and chat with them a bit… what a nice morning!

What’s it like where you are?

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Ahhh, we’re having a little break in the heat too. Heat and I don’t mix well so I so appreciate this post!


I can totally relate… heat and I don’t mix well either. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment, Michelle! ♥ Michelle


Yes!!! We’ve been the 50’s the last couple of nights! Love it!! I can’t believe it’s almost August!!! Hope you’ve been doing well lately! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA! =)


Oooh… 50’s in the evening sounds dreamy! Hope you’ve had a GREAT time with your family! ♥ Michelle


Ah, sounds wonderful! I love the idea of a breakfast picnic. We’ll have to try that someday soon :)


We love picnics… keeps the kitchen cleaner! ;)

Jennifer Davis

Send some of that cool air this way–we’ve reached 100 the last few days! Ugh! I will say this heat makes the neighborhood pool all the more refreshing, though.


Unfortunately the cool air only lasted for the morning… the afternoon got hot and muggy (that isn’t as romantic to write about). ;) lol

The neighborhood pool sounds good just thinking about 100 degree weather! Yuck!

Thanks for the Tweet! I visited duane-scott’s blog and LOVE it… thanks for sharing it! ♥ Michelle


Sounds like the perfect morning!

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