My Brain Feels Mushy…

by SomeGirl on February 13, 2010

We’ve had a sick house for 5 days now… I’m just starting to feel better, my littlest one is still very congested, and my oldest one woke up with chills and a deep cough… bummer! Now all this sleeping and watching tv (my oldest will tell you, “that’s what we do in our family when we’re sick”) has made my brain mushy. I can’t think of anything to say or blog!

But, the good thing is so many other people have great things to say…  Here are a few good reads (my fraddle for others today):

My heart spilled… (The Journey)

Our Ethiopian Blessing

How Over-Parenting Hurts Your Children… and You (Psychalive)

Percolating Practice

You’ve Got Me Thinking… (Keeping up with the Joneses)

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