My Last Day with a Voice

by SomeGirl on February 29, 2012 · 14 comments

If this was my last day with a voice, I’d want to make sure that YOU, my sweet friends reading this post, knew that…


You are loved more than you know!


Your life matters.

What you do has eternal significance – not because of who you are, what you do, or how you do it, but because of the one who made you.

He created you for a purpose.

He loves you and longs to know YOU.


If you are weighed down, worried, overwhelmed…

I’d want you to know that there is freedom in Christ!

Freedom from bondage, from worry, from stress.

In relationship with Him is peace that passes all understanding.

He is the comforter of our souls.

I’ve felt His touch…

I’ve seen His hand at work…

I’ve been the recipient of His great love


And I tell you, with more assurance than I have of anything else in this life, that you can know Him.

He doesn’t need me to tell you this.

His works speak of His greatness…

The rising of the sun shows forth His brilliance.


The moon reflects His glory.

The trees , whose leaves bloom in the spring and die in the fall, speak to His order.


The birds have all that they need without care, because of His loving provision.

He could use a donkey, a bush, or a pile of rocks to speak His word to you.

But, for today, He has given me a voice. And with that voice I speak of His great love for YOU.

(And, of course, I’d tell my guys that I love them more than they know!)


What would you say?


Something to think about.


Want to know how my relationship with God began? I’ve written the story here. If you ever want to talk about your relationship with God, feel free to contact me here, through email, on FB or via twitter.





I am so thankful for His love! His greatness overwhelms me!

Nikki @ Simplystriving

Oh, now you’ve got me all fired up! :)
Beautiful post.
To God be the glory…He’s certainly worth speaking about.

Deb Chitwood

Beautiful post, Michelle … and I LOVE the photos! :)


Absolutely beautiful. And true. Amen!


Thanks Michelle for this lovely reminder.


Michelle, if you no longer had a ‘voice’ you would still write beautifully and …def thought provoking… today, my plan is to whisper….so, he can talk…not me


I love this!! How wonderful that He gave us voices to praise Him and tell about His works and majesty!



Sylvia R

What a good thing to consider! You’ve got me considering! Thanks. (And thanks for the link-up!)

Laurie Collett

Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring, post and photos! We serve an awesome God! Praise His holy Name!

Hazel Moon

God can use anything or anybody to be his voice, but He selected YOU! Amazing What?


So glad to have found you- linking up late – added your badge to my post! And following. Love your voice as you have shared it!




Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful post. I’m here to catch up. Wish me luck – I have lots to catch up on. And lots to fill you in on sometime. ~J

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