A New Realization

by SomeGirl on June 8, 2010 · 31 comments

This morning I came to a new realization… I’ve never been one to exercise on a regular basis (truth is I probably hate exercising more than I [used to] hate reading). I’ve done it occasionally to get back to my “normal” size, but once I’ve gotten there I’ve let go. When I was younger I got back to my “normal” size pretty quickly and  stayed there for a long time. Now that I’m nearly 40 (in August), I’ve found that I don’t stay at that “normal” size for very long (and my “normal” size is much different than it used to be). So, this morning I went to work out and decided that I need to just make exercise a “normal” part of my life. My plan is to go workout at the rec center for 30 minutes each weekday morning (fraddle for my body and health). Who knows… maybe I’ll become one of those people who reads a book on the exercise machine and loves to sweat… is this what happens when you get older??? Your whole life starts to change before your very eyes??? ;)

Btw, I absolutely do NOT look like the person in that photo when I exercise! I looked long and hard for a worn out, red faced, panting person on an elliptical, but couldn’t find one.

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Rachel Pereira

Don’t worry !! I don’t look like that girl either!! haha!! I’m proud of you and your exercising decision!! I’ll be praying! =)


Thanks, Rachel! That makes me feel better! ;) And thanks for praying! ♥ Michelle


It sounds like Steve needs to go to the gym with you and get a good photo :).


Oh, Girl! There’s NO WAY anyone would want to see that picture! HA! ;)

Cranberry Morning

Don’t feel bad. I think even the girl in the photo doesn’t look like that when she actually exercises, between bites of tofu and sprouts. :-)


Hahaha! I laughed out loud when I read “between bites of tofu and sprouts.” That was so funny! (and then I ate my Taco Bueno) ;)

Betsy Henry zen-mama.com

I just got a new bike! (Thanks in part thanks for my preschool class!) I’ve promised myself to go for a ride every other day. That seems realistic and doable since I’m not a gym girl.


That seems very realistic and doable… congratulations on the new bike! :) Gotta love end of the year teacher gifts!

Thanks for commenting! ♥ Michelle


It is hard for me to get into a routine sometimes with working out. It helps if I have someone to be accountable to and going with me. :D

I think we adjust to new normals as our bodies change with having kids and such. :D


It does help a ton having someone to work out with, doesn’t it!? A friend joined me this morning and it made such a difference. :)

And as someone once told me we’re just “becoming women” as we adjust to our changes… it’s nice to be a woman (but I wouldn’t mind being a slightly smaller woman). ;) lol

Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment, Sherry! ♥ Michelle

Erin @ Closing Time

I’ve never been one to exercise either! It sounds like you’ve got a great plan, and I pray it goes well! :)


Thanks, Erin! Hopefully I’ll stick with the plan… 2 days in a row is good for me. ;)

Btw, it’s great to “see” you here! Thanks for taking the time to comment! ♥ Michelle


Girl, if you put your mind to it like you do everything else, you are going to rock it! You can and will do it! We can do it together. :) Maybe you’ll become one of those crazy people who plans to walk a half marathon next spring!!! LOL.

(Oh, and tell Steve I was impressed as hell when I drove past him riding his bike over the “mountain” today!!)


Oh, Girl! Those half marathon people are out of their minds!! ;) lol

I told you already, but I’ll write it here for fun, Steve said that was the LAST time he ever rides up that hill (mountain)! lol

And THANKS for the sweet, encouraging words!! And thanks for joining me this morning! ♥ Michelle


Cheering you on! :)


Thank you, Susan! :)
♥ Michelle


I’m the same way…I know I need to work out, but…yeah…I just need to do it, lol. Happy iFellowship. Have a Blessed day!


Yeah, it’s easy to make excuses, isn’t it?! :) I have been whining to myself about my size so much lately, and then my thoughts came back, “Just do something about it!” “Huh, I had never thought of that!” ;) lol

Btw, thanks for stopping by from iFellowship! It’s GREAT to see you here! Hope to see you again! ♥ Michelle

Deb Chitwood

Good morning, Michelle! Yes, unfortunately, “normal” does change. I’m 54, and I’ve had to start working out regularly if I want to stay in shape. Working out does work, though!

For the last 4 years, I’ve worked out for an hour 3 days each week by making that a non-negotiable part of my routine (although the days may vary slightly). FlyLady helps me. If I don’t have an exercise routine set in stone, it just doesn’t happen! Good luck – you can do it!


Deb, It’s great to here from someone who’s already been where I am and to hear your experience! Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment (and thanks for the vote of confidence)! ♥ Michelle


I’m not so good at the exercising either. Good thing I have a dog that needs walked!! Stopping in from iFellowship!


Having a dog is a great built-in exercise program! Hmmm… get a dog, get in shape… could make a nice motto. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you around again! ♥ Michelle


Oh, I just like you. I like how you write. I am not an attractive excersizer(is that a word??) either!


Aw, thanks Steph!! Here’s to beautiful people who are not so attractive excersizers (hmm… spell check doesn’t like it, but I do)! ;)
♥ Michelle


Your whole world does change before your eyes. But I have a feeling that your change will encompass style and grace. In fact, I know it.


Thank you, John! Your words mean a lot to me! ♥ Michelle


Thank-you for the Follow.
I am following you too.
Have a great week.


It’s good to have you following! Thanks, Lisa! ♥ Michelle


From the number of responses you got from this post, it seems that you might have hit a soft spot ( no pun intended, but funny!). You might think of running (pun) with this topic! As someone who actually does like to work out, its very important to find something you enjoy. It helps alot if you are looking forward to it .

Love ya


Hahaha… you’re so punny, I mean funny!! ;) Thanks for the tip, Heidi! Btw, I forgot to get back with you, but a girls’ thrifting weekend away sounds GREAT!!!


Exercise? What’s that? ;) I’m trying to get better with this as well. It is a struggle for me!

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