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by SomeGirl on March 20, 2012 · 4 comments

Well, we’re not officially on Spring Break here in our homeschool, but I’m going on a short vacation from photography Wednesday.

Photography tips from Blissdom will continue next week… Soon you’ll hear what I learned from the amazing Me Ra Koh, as well as, the awesome Diane Cu from the blog White on Rice Couple.

On a personal note, a lot has been going on around here…

We signed our oldest son up for an amazing school in the fall. It’s project based and just the kind of school I would start, if I had enough energy for something like that. ;)

Our youngest will be homeschooled for Kindergarten and then the plan is to have both boys continue their education through graduation at this new school (where I may volunteer to teach photography and help the student start a business raising chickens and selling eggs)! :)

Both boys started swim lessons this week. They are learning strokes and doing super well at it.

Our youngest taught himself to ride his bike without training wheels over the weekend… I was SO impressed with his determination!

Our very last day of driving an hour away to therapy is tomorrow!!! We’ve been driving nearly 100 miles a day 2-4 times a week since mid August and are THRILLED at the prospect of being DONE with that drive (and cost)!!

Although, our oldest’s therapies for sensory processing disorder are not completely over… We’re doing a daily cognitive therapy to help with his working memory and other key skills. But, thanks be to God, that therapy is in our home town!

Want just a little bit more?

My position at church as missions/outreach point lead has taken much more energy than I originally expected, however, we’ve done and are doing some great things in our area and abroad. I’d appreciate prayer for continued strength, wisdom, and perseverance in this area of service. (Thanks!)

Almost done, but there’s just a little more to share….

Our littlest one’s first soccer game was rained out, so we are eagerly awaiting this weekend’s game. Hopefully we’ll have good weather.

His birth mother is moving out of state this weekend with her husband who has recently joined the army. So, we’re going to have a goodbye dinner with her. It’s been so nice to have them a few hours away, but we’re excited to see what God’s going to do in their lives! She’s a wonderful, godly woman and a great mom to Eli’s half sister. We love her (and her family) dearly!

*deep breath*

Phew! That’s only a little of what’s going on around here. Now that I’ve written it out I think a true Spring Break is due. ;)

One of these days I’ll get to rest, right?! ;)

Hope you’re doing well! And I look forward to meeting you back here next Wednesday for photography tips. And will be here briefly tomorrow for Thought-Provoking Thursday.

Btw, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve not been replying to comments lately… I’m terribly sorry about that! I read every comment that is written and love hearing from you! I hope you understand that with all that’s been going on around here and the extra time and attention that my boys need lately, I’ve not been able to put the time into replying as I used to. I do so appreciate hearing your thoughts on each post and smile every time I read your comments. Thank you!!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


Eryn {mamahall}

love you & praying for you always.


Hey Michelle,
My youngest has SPD as well as some other problems. We too are currently driving to Denton each week for his therapy. I would love it if you could refer anyone local for him. He has a great speech therapist, but I would like to find a closer behavioral therapist/OT…etc…
Thanks, any info would be greatly appreciated. We are having a TOUGH time finding someone due to his behavior problems.

Alia joy

I hope you get some much needed rest and refreshment soon. You are one busy lady. Thanks for all you do here on the site with your photography tips, they have helped this camera challenged mom quite a bit and for your thought provoking Thursdays and link up. Be blessed.


How have things been going since this post? (I know, I’ll probably learn more as I continue to catch up.) Just so you know – even though I haven’t been around lately – I do think of you and pray for you and yours.

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