Make new friends and keep the old…

by SomeGirl on January 19, 2010 · 6 comments

Seeing old friends is so nice… they know you and have known you for awhile. You don’t have to prove yourself to them or worry about what they think. It’s easy and comfortable. But when you move away and then try to keep those old friendships you learn which ones were more solid than others. Today I had the opportunity to visit some old friends at a birthday party for one of their boys. It was great to see them! As I drove into my old city (the urban, yuppie area in which we used to live) I was struck with a feeling of longing for what I had before… the smaller yards, the closer houses, the rush of traffic, the nice stores, the fashion (but not too much fashion). I met my girlfriends at the Lego store for the boys to build Lego kits and celebrate a cute, 7-year-old boy’s birthday. We talked sports (kid sports), schools (mostly private), shopping, and the like. Everyone wanted to know how my new city is (the suburban, country area where I now live on nearly an acre). I’d tell them it’s great, but I miss things about my old life. Then, after a sentence or two we’d go back to the same old small talk. I know it’s hard to have much else to talk about… I moved away… we’re not in the same circle. We don’t know what’s going on in each others life. It’s hard to think of much other than small talk. I love my friends, but I’m realizing that we’re all moving on and our friendships will soon fade (at least the ones that weren’t so stable to begin with, the others will stay for a long time). Then I was struck by how much I LOVE my new friends and how glad I am that the slower paced, country, suburban life I now live isn’t filled with all the societal pressure of my old life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my old friends (and their cute shirts and fashionable jeans… I really do like those!), but I am SO glad to have my new friends (and their sweatshirts and casual jeans or sweat pants… yeah, that’s me!). I am better for having them both. And now I’ll end this post with a song that I learned as a girl scout, “Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.” And my fraddle for today will be to write to my friends telling them how much I appreciate them! Old and new.

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Cali Bird

How true this all is. I love your honesty when you write. My Mom used to say that same little quote to me when I moved away to school. This was a wonderful post! Those are my thoughts :D

Some Girl

Thanks, Cali! You’re so encouraging (and your my first comment)! :)

Susan Jones

I am so thankful to be one of your new friends! I love you my friend…God has blessed me as well with you!

Some Girl

Aw, thanks Susan! I’m SO glad to have you as my friend!!!


Many thanks for the story!


That same saying is in a book that I read to the girls last night! You are definitely GOLD!!!

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