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One Peppermint

by SomeGirl on August 12, 2010 · 13 comments

After leaving a restaurant yesterday, my oldest offered a peppermint to his little brother. From the looks of it, there was only one peppermint to be had and it was given with joy. This seemed odd since I know how much my oldest one LOVES peppermints (and that he isn’t so keen on giving sweets away). But it all happened so fast and we were on our way to go somewhere, so I didn’t think too much about it. Later, my husband told me what my oldest one told him… turns out he gave the peppermint to his little brother to “show him that he loved him more than he loved things.” He was fraddling for his little brother by giving him something that was special to him and showing him that *he* was more important than anything else he treasured… what a GREAT example to follow (and an encouraging thing for this Momma to hear)!

Let’s follow his example and show others that they are more important to us than things… let’s show __________ that they are more important than ___________! (How will you fill in those blanks?)

… let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18



I’ll show my family that they are more important to me than social media or my blog! (I’ve not been good about that this week)


What a beautiful story!! You must be so pleased to see him learning how to live out the Biblical principles you’re teaching him! Love it! This will definitely be on my heart today!


How entirely sweet of your son! I’ll do this today as well and hope to come back to share how it was done. Enjoy your family today, Michelle!


Hmmmm…… I’ll show my hubs that he is more important to me than whatever has been distracting me from keeping up with the housework this week. ;)

Oh, and way to go Z! What a good big brother!!

Betsy Henry

That kind of behavior at a young age is rare and the result of a wonderful personality and great parents!! These little successes make all the other days worth while!

Ashley @ AP Freewriting

What a great gesture! That just goes to show that you are doing a GREAT job of raising your kids to think of others (Phil. 2.3-4). Thanks for sharing!

Cranberry Morning

Wow! How wonderful when we see kids actually putting something into practice that we’ve tried to teach. We could all take a lesson from this.


You should be very proud of you little guy- how wonderful!

I’ll show my children they are more important than my housecleaning agenda. (We’re getting ready for a houseful of guests tomorrow and I can get a little…shall we say…CRAZY about getting everything ready.)

Alicia The Snowflake

Oh how sweet! I’m with you on the social media. I try to show my family they are more important. But I know there are days I fail big time. Thanks for the great reminder today!

Susan Jones

You and Steve are doing such a great job with your boys…such good examples of being selfless!!!

My statement is: This week we’ll show the hungry that they are more important than us eating out! We’re donating the money we would have used to “My Starving Children”. See…you’re a good example to us too!!! :o)


Thanks for all the GREAT and SWEET comments!! I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t comment back since I’m “showing my family that they are more important to me than social media or my blog”… Thank you SO much for commenting!! Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL weekend fraddling with and for the ones you love! Love, Michelle


Thought I’d better come back since I said that I would. I’d have to say that yesterday I showed a friend that they were more important than sleep. Does that count??? ;)

Jennifer Davis

Wow! You have to be so proud of your sweet son! My oldest doesn’t share too well…we’re working on that. I’ve tried to show my children that they are more important that my blog by hiding my computer upstairs and only looking at it during ‘Quiet Rest Time’ and when they go to sleep.

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