One person’s Fraddle…

by SomeGirl on January 21, 2010

camera We had family friends stay over yesterday and last night and had such a great time with them. We have such similar interests that there was never a lack of words. Our children are right around the same age and played wonderfully with each other. It was a full blown hang out slumber party (with late night movies and cookies for breakfast to prove it). The guys share the same passion for photography, the gals both home-school and love period movies (we saw the 9:50 showing of The Young Victoria and LOVED it!!!).  So after a day of chick-fil-a, kids playing, moms talking and dad’s photo-shooting, I wondered what fraddle I had done, if any??? Then, after talking with my friend, we realized we had been fraddling for (showing love to) our husbands all day long… we gave them the freedom and encouragement to spend the day and evening doing what they love! We watched the children and left them alone without nagging. They were in photographer heaven! At first I wouldn’t have thought of it as fraddle, but my friend pointed out that “one person’s fraddle is another person’s ____.” (I don’t remember what the last word was, but you get the picture) ;) Letting the guys work on what they’re interested in may not have been anything special to me, but it was SO special to them… that’s the real key to fraddling: finding out what speaks love to the other person… if I think about it the whole term fraddle (fishing rods and dinosaurs) is based on doing what the other person likes, I supposed it could be giving the person you love freedom to do what they like, too. Hmmm…  That reminds me of a book I read some time ago (and recommend all the time!), The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. It explains that we all give and receive love differently… we have different love languages. It was eye opening for me! It explained how people could feel SO unloved when someone else felt like they were doing ALL they could to show love. It was one of those books that changed my life! I’d HIGHLY recommend it! BTW, they have a little quiz here to find your love language. But remember: the key to good fraddle is finding the other person’s love language. :)

Here’s a great summary of the book and the love languages… Anne Naylor: Do You Know Your ‘Love Language?’

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