One Thought (Thought Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on June 8, 2011 · 26 comments

On this Thought Provoking Thursday, when I have a sweet group of DFW area Christian Mom Bloggers and their little one’s coming to my house for a playdate, the only real thought going through my head, as I straighten in preparation is…

What was I thinking??!!

(about the air hockey table and drums, not the meet up… I’m SUPER excited about that! And, if you’re in the area and want to attend a monthly meet up, check Mamas Write out here.)

Now, anyone want a free air hockey table?? (seriously)

Btw, I’ll continue my theological posts from last week as soon as we’re done with some special family activities. :)


Deb Chitwood

I think I was lucky to have grown up in a family with five kids … I learned to tune out external sounds. It was very helpful as a preschool teacher and mom (although I can’t say my kids were generally very noisy). Have a wonderful time at your meet up, Michelle! :)


Yes, growing up in a family with five kids probably had LOTS of benefits! My problem is my ADHD… I can’t concentrate at all with any noise (made it really hard as a kindergarten teacher!). ;) lol


Have a blast! I’d actually love an air hockey table. I just don’t have anywhere to put one!


Bummer, if you were here I’d help you find somewhere to put it! :) (Thankfully, I think I have someone coming to get it this week… finally.) ;)


Oh no. Nuh uh. Couldn’t do drums. I am SO sensitive to noise, and it’s already bad enough with the 3 Wild Boys home all the time. :)


Hahaha… I hear ya! :)


Can’t wait! And, No. You can’t give the air hockey table back! ;)

See you in a bit.



Aw, man! ;)


Mamas Write sounds wonderful! Kinda jealous :)


You would love it too. We have so many mom/bloggers in our area and NOW we get to meet one another! Thanks to the ladies @ Mamas Write.


Wish you were here to be a part!

Stacy @ Delighting in the Days

You are so funny! I love air hockey!
Thanks for hosting such a great link-up. Today is my first time participating (although I’ve been meaning to for a long time).


I’m so glad you joined in! (and so sorry it’s taken me forever to reply!) :)


Loved being in your home and connecting with other mom/bloggers. What a blessing and inspiration! Thank you for the invite.


It was GREAT having you here! I’m so glad you could come at such short notice! :)


me me me – I want a free air hockey table! That is like our “thing” whenever we go ANYWHERE is to play air hockey. And when I say “we” I totally mean me and the hubs. =)


Oh, Girl! If only you lived close enough!

Jamie (@va_grown)

All positive thoughts for your day!

How exciting to see how this link up is growing! There are some great posts here!


It’s really fun to see it grow! Thanks for your encouragement! :)


Sooo wishing I lived in the DFW area just so I could come to your little meet up!! You just might be inspiring me to attempt something like that in the Chicagoland area! ;-)


I’d totally encourage you to start something in your area! Do you follow @DevotionMama or @Mamahall on twitter? They started Mamas Write and I’m sure they would be happy to pass info along on how to start a group like that. :)


Btw, I sooo wish you live here, too! I’d LOVE to see you at one of the meet ups!!


I remember when we had a bunch of those big things in the basement. Ahhhh, one day you’ll get rid of it all. lol. Enjoy the noise… when it’s gone it’s gone.


I remind myself of that often – one day I’ll miss all the noise, craziness, questions, etc…. enjoy it while you have it, right? ;)


keep the air hockey table Michelle! You’ll be glad you did! You’re not that many years away from when they will be hanging out with friends, needing to re connect with you after going thru a rough patch in your relationship…things like that. The table is a great tool for relationships in your home! I say keep it! :-)
Now about the drums….well. those could go. :-) I get migraines so I’m a bit partial to quiet on some days! :-)


I’ll tell you what we really would like to have for those future re-connecting times… one of those sit down pacman tables. Do you remember those? Used to be at Bennigans, I think.

Can you believe I enjoy listening to the drums? It probably helps that both Steve and Zachary are really good at playing them. Eli’s learning. ;)

We’ll put them out on the back porch when you come to visit. ;) (Wouldn’t that be fun?!)

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