Our Family List of Things to Do in December

by SomeGirl on December 2, 2010 · 13 comments

Watch a Christmas Movie

Go look at Christmas lights

Sing Christmas Songs

Visit a nursing home

Give a toy to someone who doesn’t have one

Make cookies

Have hot cocoa with a friend

Do something nice for someone

Eat a candy cane

Read the CHRISTmas Story

Write a letter to Santa

Call someone special (grandparents)

Make a Christmas ornament

Visit Santa

Give a gift to someone anonymously

Visit the Gaylord

Take a mini road trip (Bethlehem Revisited in Waxahachie, TX.)

Go to a Christmas program (when cousins are performing)

Tell someone you love them

Say Merry Christmas to at least 5 people

Have a family worship time (invite friends to come)

Take food to a food pantry

Take goodies to the fire station (on Christmas Day)

To be done one a day until CHRISTmas Day.

Any other suggestions for family friendly activities to do in December??


Cranberry Morning

I have one idea to add to your great list of suggestions! Listen to the live performance of King’s College Cambridge for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve morning (9 AM Wisconsin time – 3 PM Cambridge time) to begin a new tradition. It is wonderful, starts with creation, the fall into sin, the plan for redemption, the birth of Christ, the promised Redeemer – all through Scripture readings and great choral anthems!! It’s a tradition at our house. In this country, it’s broadcast by American Public Radio. We get it on KSJN FM Minnesota Public Radio.


That sounds wonderful… thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check into it!


Great ideas! Now I have some ideas to fill in the rest of our Advent calendar. Thanks for sharing!

I really love that they are simple and easy, but very meaningful. :)


And we’d love to have you guys join us for any of them you’d like! :) You know you’ll be our friends to share hot cocoa with, right? ♥


OOoh, love all your ideas! :) I definitely need to try to do some of these.


Thanks, Sherry! Hope you enjoy trying some of them! :)


Sing (or at least loudly hum) a Christmas carol…OUT LOUD…in the checkout line!


Oooh, I like that. :) Reminds me of the days my friends and I would dare each other to do silly stuff. And if we had a large enough group, we could be our own flash mob. ;) Thanks, Jennifer!

Betsy at Zen Mama

I love your list. It’s doing meaningful things together that make Christmas meaningful. Great list!!!


So true. Thanks, Betsy! ♥


Great, great list! How is it coming?


Thanks! :) It’s coming along well. Today is “do something nice for someone” and it’s fun to think and pray about who that someone will be and what the nice thing to be done is… might be one of my favorite activities so far! :) Thanks for asking! ♥


You’re welcome! :p

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