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Did I tell you I’m writing an e-book with two good friends?

It’s an easy to follow how-to guide for cutting gluten and dairy out of your diet.

Once I cut gluten and dairy (later, soy) out of my diet my years worth of migraines, tension headaches, and fibromyalgia pain disappeared. I’ve been so thankful for my new found freedom from pain that I wanted to share my story and how I did it with everyone. I had two friends making the same diet changes and seeing amazing results, so I asked them to join me in creating a how-to guide with a bonus cookbook.

We’ve been working SO hard the past month to get everything together to turn in to our e-book publisher (today!)…. we’re hoping he’s able to get everything together and ready to release by August 1st!!

It’s a little hard to believe my dream to write an e-book to help others BE FREE of pain (and several other ailments) through simple diet changes is about to come to fruition!

Since I’m sitting here (making myself terribly hungry) processing photos for our recipe portion of the book, I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos of the DELICIOUS recipes coming out in Be Free: A 14-Day Challenge of Food Discovery in just 4 weeks!!!

Look at these gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free goodies….


To be notified when Be Free: A 14-Day Challenge of Food Discovery (with BONUS gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free cookbook) is released simply enter your email below:


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Attention DFW Area Bloggers! (Giveaway)

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Congratulations, Heather Cook of Cook Family Chronicles! You’re the winner of a FREE Mamas Write blogging conference ticket! You’ll receive an email soon to get your registration information completed. For everyone else, I hope to see you at the Mamas Write conference on 8/25. Early bird tickets are still available through Saturday 6/30 for the low cost of $30!

Are you a christian blogger in or near the DFW area?

Are you interested in learning more about blogging?

Would you LOVE to talk with and learn from great bloggers like Kat Lee of Inspired to Action, Eryn Hall of, Amy Lynn Andrews of, and more…

Would you like to learn more about photography composition and/or how to use your camera to take better pictures?

If so, I’ve got a great offer for you!!

This week I’m giving away a ticket to the upcoming Mamas Write blogger conference (held in Arlington, Texas at High Point Church on Saturday, August 25, 2012 from 9:00-5:00)!



I went to the Mamas Write conference last year and was BLOWN AWAY by the awesome speakers and wonderful information shared! So much so that I joined the planning team to help get the word out for this year’s conference! :)

I will also be offering a photography class during one of the breakout sessions and would love to get to sit and chat with you over our cameras in person!

Simply leave a comment below telling why you’d like to attend the Mamas Write conference to be entered to win!

It’s going to be a GREAT conference!!

Btw, if you don’t win. Tickets are on sale for the early bird price of $30 (after June 30th the regular ticket price of $40 will go into effect). Purchase tickets here.

The winner will be announced this Friday 6/29.


For extra (bonus) entries…

Tweet about this giveaway, saying something like:

I want to go to the #mamaswrite blogging conference on 8/25! I hope I win a ticket from

Share this post on FB, Twitter, Google+, etc, or email it to someone who might be interested in attending the Mamas Write conference.


Leave a separate comment for each bonus entry you complete.


I hope you win! I’d LOVE to see you there!!

For more information on the Mamas Write conference at (Information is being added on an ongoing basis.)


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I don’t know about you, but I often get discouraged by numbers. Not only do I get discouraged by them, I tend to let them define me.

Here are some of the numbers I’ve let dominate my thoughts (in both pride-filled and shame-ridden ways) over the past few years, see if you can relate…

The numbers on:

The scale

The inside back label of my pants

The area code/zip code from where I live or came

The number of children I’ve had or not had (when struggling with infertility, as well as, in the homeschool world)

My savings account balance

My checking account balance

My salary/pay for a job

My husband’s salary/pay for a job

My age

My boys’ ages

The amount of time I allow my boys or self to __________

The number of “likes” something I’ve posted on FB receives

The number of subscribers to this blog

The number of followers/friends I have in real life or on social media

The list goes on and on…

I’ve often let my value or lack of value be derived by those numbers (numbers which go up and down daily). That’s some shaky ground to be basing value upon!

Lately, as I’ve mistakingly given and taken away my worth based upon some of these things, I’ve sensed God whispering to me, “The numbers don’t matter.”

I’ve pondered this quite a bit over the recent weeks and have decided that there’s only one number that really matters. Only one number to base my worth upon…

While the other numbers in life rise and fall without much given warning, one number remains constant.

I (and you) have been made 4 a purpose.

Created 4 God’s Glory.

Bought 4 a price… Paid 4 by Christ’s perfect blood.

Ransomed 4 a relationship with the One and Only Living God.

4given as we confess our sins and put our faith in Christ Jesus.

Gifted 4 Kingdom work.

Prayerfully, living 4 Him.

With that said, I pray that we who struggle with finding our value in numbers would take our thoughts captive, give our numbers to God and begin to look solely to Him 4 our worth. He provides the only constant number upon which to build our worth’s foundation.

Something to think about.

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With summer here, I thought it would be a great time to share a few ideas for building stronger family connections.

1. Don’t let Facebook (or other online activities) become the main place you build connections, institute “Face-Look”… Look your children in the eyes (face-to-face) and exclaim , “Face-Look status time!” then share what you would “write” in your status bar. (We all giggle and have fun sharing our tidbits with each other when one of us does this, usually me.) ;)

2. Buy or make a Mad Lib story book. Leave it on your dinner table and fill a story or two out at dinner. It’s great fun and good grammar practice.

3. Go for a photo walk or drive. Let everyone have turns with the camera, or have everyone take their own camera and see what interesting things they can find. (If you use your iPhone, you can have the photos printed and mailed to you for around 39 cents each using the free app PostalPix.)

4. Make time to stop at a local snow cone stand and try out some new flavors. I recently tried a Pickadilly (cherry with shredded pickles on top) and LOVED it. It was quite the conversation piece. ;)

5. Take a pajama run to get breakfast through a drive-thru restaurant then drive around for awhile listening and singing to your family’s favorite station. (We LOVE Sirius Kid’s Place Live!)

6. Set up a card table and put a game or puzzle out for continual play.

7. Make it a dinner habit to ask each other, “What was the saddest part of your day?” “What was the happiest part of your day?” (I like to end with a positive emotion.)

8. Work together to create a secret family handshake. (I’d tell you ours, but then I’d have to… ya’ know.) ;)

9. Decide upon a sign that you can do to tell each other, “I love you,” without anyone else knowing – tugging your ear, winking, thumbs up…

10. Create family team jerseys. Any local sports store that sells soccer uniforms will most likely put vinyl letters on shirts you bring in for a relatively low cost.

11. Use storms to bond together over a special treat. At the first sound of thunder our family starts talking about whose stomach is grumbling the loudest for marshmallows and we each get one to enjoy. We only eat one marshmallow, but we have fun seeing who claims the loudest rumbles as their own.

12. Listen to each other. Stop what you’re doing and really listen when one of your family members speaks. (My husband is really good at this… I’m trying to be more like him.)

13. Have a picnic in your living room while you watch a movie or play video games/board games together… Do this on a fairly regular or frequent basis.

14. Go geo-caching. (We’ve never done this, but it sounds like fun!)

15. Play would you rather as you drive or wait somewhere together… Asking “Would you rather ___________ or ___________?” questions. (Ex: Would you rather have all the candy in the world or go to DisneyLand for a week?)

16. Take a road trip (even if it’s just a day trip).

17. Unplug the TV. (Ours has been in the garage for a few months now and we have thoroughly enjoyed not having it! We watch Hulu on the computer and Netflix on the iPad on occasion. Ok, my husband and I like to catch Psych, Fringe, and The Office whenever a new one is available.)

18. Get a dog. (They take some work, but really help draw everyone together.)

19. Play games where you work together… Blowing through straws to get a cotton all across a finish line, three-legged races, team scavenger hunt, etc.

20. Pick each member of your family, on different days, to do whatever their favorite activity is… Fraddle for them. :)

These are just a few ideas from our family activities… What special things does your family do to build stronger connections? I’d LOVE to hear!

Btw, feel free to share or Pin this post!

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Would You Like to See?

by SomeGirl on June 1, 2012 · 2 comments

I know I’ve already shared some photos from our trip, but I just went through my camera and found some nice ones that I’d love to share with you guys… Would you like to see them?

I was hoping you’d say, “Yes.” :)

Here you go…

(I’ll be quiet and let the photos do the talking)






We had SO much fun! If you haven’t been to Disney World, Legoland, Pensacola Beach, or the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida I’d definitely recommend you go! We LOVED each one of them!

And, if you’d really like more photos, you can find more here under the instagram hashtag #DisneyWorldorBust.

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Disney World and LegoLand

by SomeGirl on May 26, 2012 · 2 comments

We’re on the road from the Orlando area, heading toward Pensacola for a few days of R&R on the beach and by the pool…

We’ve had an amazing time at Disney World and LegoLand!

Here are a few highlights from our trip so far…

(top row left to right ) We started our time in Orlando with meeting my sweet friend, Stacey of, and her four lovely girls. I just LOVE her!

Our first day was spent at the Magic Kingdom.

Our littlest one rode his first roller coaster and LOVED it!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Magic Kingdom (with exception of the last hour when my husband and I ached all over and tried to make our way out with thousands of other park guests). ;) But the fireworks were amazing! I’m glad we stayed to see them.

Our second day was at Animal kingdom. The safari there was SO cool! The park was lovely and full of neat things to do. And the Lion King show was amazing!

For our third day, our timing was perfect! We had no idea it was Star Wars weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios until we were on our way to Orlando. We couldn’t have been more thrilled! We were suckers for R2D2 food containers and build your own light sabers. And our boys will probably always remember going through Jedi training and battling Darth Vadar on stage… we got lots of pictures and video to remind them. :)

We ended our FUN (and thoroughly exhausting) time here in the Orlando area at LegoLand. It was a wonderful experience for two Lego loving little boys… our littlest deemed LegoLand the official “most magical place on earth.” ;)

Now, we’re off to relax a few days before heading home… See you guys in a while!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

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