Just in case you were curious…

by SomeGirl on March 28, 2012 · 15 comments

Well, the break must have done my mind good for I have WAY too many thoughts to share today! Here are…

My Top Ten Thoughts at the moment (just in case you were curious) ;)

(drumroll please………….)

10. I wish I could get a handle on my ADHD and narrow this post down to one topic.

9. It was SO nice to have a spring blogging break last week… Thank you all for your kind words and support!

8. Our world is so loud. It’s no wonder we do our best thinking in the shower… it drowns out the noise and forces us to put down our phones/computers.

7. My yard is full of weeds… some pretty, some soft, some spiky, some ugly, some tall, some small, some that blend in with the grass, yet all in a place they don’t belong… all needing to be pulled out by the root.

6. I wish I was able to take #7 and make a whole post out of it, but I just can’t get it to come together. (and I wish my yard wasn’t so full of weeds!)

5. You never know who’s listening and watching what you do. You have much more influence than you think!

4. One of my sweet friends found out she is cancer free today… praise God! Instead of going out to eat a celebratory dinner she made a life-giving donation to provide clean water for those in need around the world. What a GREAT way to fraddle for the Thirsty and celebrate her gift of life and health!

3. Just $1 provides clean water for 1 person for a whole year. $100 provides clean water for a family for a generation. (get more information at http://water.cc)

2. I really dislike allergy season. (I know, so shallow after such a deep topic… hmmm… deep topic = drilling for water = wells… I totally didn’t mean to do that.) ;)

and my last thought for today (better make this a good one!)

1. YOU were created for something special! You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for YOU to do. (Ephesians 2:10)


Something to think about.

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I’ve heard about the “golden hour” and how magical photos can turn out during it (the hour before sunset, or after sunrise). But I’ve never fully understood it until this week…

My husband and I were sitting outside just before dinner a couple of days ago, when he pointed out how beautiful the grass and crane flies looked in the glow of the sunlight.

The light was hitting the grass just right, with a bit of a golden hue.

I tried to capture it with my iPhone…

You can’t quite see the magic that I saw, but you can see that the sun is relatively low on the horizon and it’s beams are shooting straight across the grass.

Everything in the path of that light seemed to glisten and glow.

It was so beautiful! And it lasted for such a short period of time.

Since then I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get out and capture that LOVELY glow.

Fortunately, I just happened to be out enjoying the weather and watching my boys play when it happened again.

Everything began to glimmer and I was thankful to have my phone handy to capture a few magical photos/memories…

Let’s just say that I’m definitely a new fan of the Golden Hour!

I guess the experts are right when they say lighting makes such a difference in photos. I can see it now!

Which has me wondering what other wonderful lighting I’ve been missing?

Want to join me on a hunt for light? We can report to each other next Wednesday what we find. :)

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A Spring Break Blessing

by SomeGirl on March 21, 2012 · 12 comments

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind blow your ears just the way you like. ;)


May you enjoy today and find some wonderful new blogging friends through the link up below.

I’ll be back from Spring (blogging) Break next week!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

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On a Personal Note…

by SomeGirl on March 20, 2012 · 4 comments

Well, we’re not officially on Spring Break here in our homeschool, but I’m going on a short vacation from photography Wednesday.

Photography tips from Blissdom will continue next week… Soon you’ll hear what I learned from the amazing Me Ra Koh, as well as, the awesome Diane Cu from the blog White on Rice Couple.

On a personal note, a lot has been going on around here…

We signed our oldest son up for an amazing school in the fall. It’s project based and just the kind of school I would start, if I had enough energy for something like that. ;)

Our youngest will be homeschooled for Kindergarten and then the plan is to have both boys continue their education through graduation at this new school (where I may volunteer to teach photography and help the student start a business raising chickens and selling eggs)! :)

Both boys started swim lessons this week. They are learning strokes and doing super well at it.

Our youngest taught himself to ride his bike without training wheels over the weekend… I was SO impressed with his determination!

Our very last day of driving an hour away to therapy is tomorrow!!! We’ve been driving nearly 100 miles a day 2-4 times a week since mid August and are THRILLED at the prospect of being DONE with that drive (and cost)!!

Although, our oldest’s therapies for sensory processing disorder are not completely over… We’re doing a daily cognitive therapy to help with his working memory and other key skills. But, thanks be to God, that therapy is in our home town!

Want just a little bit more?

My position at church as missions/outreach point lead has taken much more energy than I originally expected, however, we’ve done and are doing some great things in our area and abroad. I’d appreciate prayer for continued strength, wisdom, and perseverance in this area of service. (Thanks!)

Almost done, but there’s just a little more to share….

Our littlest one’s first soccer game was rained out, so we are eagerly awaiting this weekend’s game. Hopefully we’ll have good weather.

His birth mother is moving out of state this weekend with her husband who has recently joined the army. So, we’re going to have a goodbye dinner with her. It’s been so nice to have them a few hours away, but we’re excited to see what God’s going to do in their lives! She’s a wonderful, godly woman and a great mom to Eli’s half sister. We love her (and her family) dearly!

*deep breath*

Phew! That’s only a little of what’s going on around here. Now that I’ve written it out I think a true Spring Break is due. ;)

One of these days I’ll get to rest, right?! ;)

Hope you’re doing well! And I look forward to meeting you back here next Wednesday for photography tips. And will be here briefly tomorrow for Thought-Provoking Thursday.

Btw, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve not been replying to comments lately… I’m terribly sorry about that! I read every comment that is written and love hearing from you! I hope you understand that with all that’s been going on around here and the extra time and attention that my boys need lately, I’ve not been able to put the time into replying as I used to. I do so appreciate hearing your thoughts on each post and smile every time I read your comments. Thank you!!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

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Beauty in the Undesirable

by SomeGirl on March 14, 2012 · 13 comments

Many times the undesirable aspects of life hold so much beauty…

Weeds that show forth lovely colors,

Dishes made dirty by wonderful food,

Clothes worn by loved ones, waiting to be washed,

Meals brought by friends when you’re battling illness….

So much beauty.


How have you seen that to be true in your life?


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How to Take Sharper Photos and Avoid Blur

by SomeGirl on March 12, 2012 · 15 comments

Let me start today’s post by saying, “Don’t wait too long to transfer your photos from your card to computer!”

Last night I went to get some pics from a fun photo day with the boys and my card read “no files” … I couldn’t get it to open anywhere. 900 photos gone in a flash! :(

Fortunately, I had already transferred half of them to the computer and forgotten to delete them from the card, but still.

Here’s the only photo from my camera over the last month that I have…. (taken with my iPhone)


Now, with that important PSA out of the way, let’s look at a few tips from the photography classes I took last month at Blissdom… Hopefully you will find them as helpful as I have.

(Oh, that reminds me that ALL of my Blissdom/Nashville photos are gone… Boy, am I thankful for instagram as a keeper of photos right now!)

To take sharper photos and avoid blur:

Move into an area with more natural light.

Shoot where the light is the best.

Increase shutter speed.

Use a single focus point, not “all focus.” (check your manual to find out how to do that)

Focus on one point – on people focus on their eyes or a bright spot on their face.

Take a deep breath and hold it as you press the shutter release button.

Hold your camera with a firm grasp. Use both hands and rest the lens of your camera in the palm of your left hand.

Think of your body as a tripod.

Tuck your elbows firmly in to your side while holding and aiming your camera.

Prop your camera up on something.

Lean on something strong to help stabilize yourself and your camera.

Think about being strong and stable with each shot you take.

It’s worth repeating, hold your breath when you press the shutter release.

Another option is to set your camera and walk away, using a remote trigger or timer.

You have to be willing to miss shots to get great shots. Exhale, slow down.

Don’t rush your shot.

Take time.


Have patience and wait for the photo.

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