Photography Wednesdays On Hold

by SomeGirl on April 10, 2012 · 5 comments

I’m out with my family celebrating my littlest one’s 5th Birthday today… Boy, how time flies!

We’re going to a cool hotel in a town nearby that has fun cabin style decor, bunk beds, and an amazing indoor waterpark!

The boys are SUPER excited! I’m sure I’ll be instagramming tons of photos! (username: @somegirlslife)

As I’ve been preparing for our littlest one’s big day (making gluten free, dairy free, red velvet cake using beets for my little red power ranger – I impressed myself) I’ve come to a realization and need to make a brief announcement…

Because life has gotten busier and busier (with homeschool, cognitive therapy, chicken raising, swimming lessons, GFDFSF cookbook writing – I’ll tell you more about that soon!), I’ve decided to put Photography Wednesdays on hold for a bit. Once things settle down I’ll be back to share what I learn.

Thank you for understanding! I hope to have more time to share tips and tutorials soon!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


Betsy at Zen Mama

Oh, I so understand! I have gotten so busy that I’m up way too early in the morning trying to keep up! By the way, have you done a post about raising chickens? This is something I’m very interested in.


Looks like I’m in good company in the busy department. ;)

I haven’t done a post on it yet, but will certainly do one soon.



praying for you today, some girl sister.


Thank you so much!


Happy belated 5th birthday to your little guy! Just had a third birthday here last week! How time flies!

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