Pike Place Market – Seattle

by SomeGirl on July 23, 2011 · 12 comments

I’m in a tent in Banff, Alberta, Canada at the moment… Freezing! We can see our breath freeze in the air (inside the tent). When we got out of the car earlier this evening the temperature was 45*… Brrrrr. Now that the sun’s going down I can only imagine how cold it is going to get! (I’d look it up on my sweet husband’s iPhone, but we have no connection here… We’ve grabbed brief spurts of connection in town a few times, but other than that we’re unplugged again. Which means I’m publishing this post sometime after writing it… probably from a stop on our way to Jasper.)

Other than being SUPER cold here, it’s gorgeous! I’ve been posting a lot of photos at http://www.gramfeed.com/somegirlstweets if you’d like a peek before I share some here.

Here are some photos from our brief stay in Seattle…. Hope you enjoy them!

Pike Place Market

A big attraction was watching the men at the fish market yell and throw fish to each other… see the fish in the air?

I’ll let the rest of the photos talk for themselves (my fingers are getting too cold to type well… Brrrrrrrr!) ;)

(LOVED these bags from reddeliciousbags.com!)

I had a little fun snapping photos without looking through the view finder, just letting the camera hang from my neck and clicking. :) Here’s what my camera saw…

Those berry cobbler bars were delicious, btw.

Here I picked the camera back up and started shooting intentionally. The boys and I were enthralled with the “Gum Wall.”

Fortunately, there was a gum ball machine there waiting for us. :)

And as gross as it is, we each left our mark on Seattle, which left a lovely mark on us. :)

See you soon with photos from Canada! So sorry my thought provoking guest post fell through… I’m planning on getting a post together for next Thursday soon, so the link up should be back in action then.


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


Cranberry Morning

What great photos! The gum wall kinda grosses me out though. Ewww. Anyway, you better not complain about the cold, for everyone south of the Canadian border is baking! :-)


Umm, yeah, the gum wall is a little disgusting – but it had to be a huge hit with the boys. All your pics are beautiful – and I can’t believe you showed off by taking pictures with the camera hanging from your neck ((( jealous))). I think this is a trip that will be remembered a long, long, time. God bless and keep you and all of yours Michelle.


I’ve been enjoying all your pictures from your trip. Looks like you are having a great time!


Wow! How cool! I’m glad you’re having a good time!


I’m so glad you guys are having so much fun. What a wonderful trip & adventure! :)


The last time I saw the gum wall, there was no gumball machine and there definitely was NOT so many gums. LOL. :) I am excited that you got to witness fish throwing! Awesome!


Beautiful pictures, Michelle. And I’d like one of those candy apples. Gum wall is definitely disgusting but cool! Hope you are with warmer temps now.


It looks like you had a eye full !! Wonderful shots!!

Christina Steinorth

Your pictures are beautiful!

Darlene Schacht

Love Pike Street Market. Been there once! But I went to Seattle twice, and love it there. You’ve been all over the place!

mountain mama

i love, love, love these shots! what memories! i think i would have passed clean out though if my kids touched the wall of gum =) i can’t get over that!!! wow!!!

God bless~


Great photos of Seattle. I love Seattle! I visited there 4 years ago and fell in love with it, and the guy I was visiting. Sadly the guy and I are no more, but I’d love to get back to Seattle again.

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