Please Don’t Judge Me By My Spots ;)

by SomeGirl on January 4, 2011 · 16 comments

Ok, I’m a little embarrassed to show you this post, but I think it has to be done…

Many of you probably know the wonder vinegar does on glasses, but for those of you who don’t I’m here to share it with you right now! (A little fraddle for you, my sweet friends.)

Here’s one of my “clean” glasses I pulled out of the cabinet earlier tonight… (please don’t judge me by my spots… I made it look worse by holding it up to the light… uh, yeah.) ;)

And here’s how it looked after a quick soak in white vinegar…

I just had to share this with you in case you didn’t know about it. :)

Btw, I put vinegar in my dishwasher rinse agent dispenser, but it doesn’t help. I’m thinking about filling a spray bottle with it and spraying the dishes down before running the washer… Any other suggestions? :)



Hmmm, gosh, no. You would think that it would work in the dishwasher in place of a commercial rinse agent! How odd!


I know, right? Maybe I’ll see if commercial rinse agents work… hmmm. Thanks for taking the time to comment! :) (Sorry it took me so long to reply!)

Cranberry Morning

I used to use Cascade, but it gave my glasses a kind of dull film. Electrosol worked great, but I think they took it off the market. We do also have naturally acidic water (from our well) so we have to run it through a calcium carbonate filter – and never have spots. BUT, the information is great to have, and it’s nice to know that the glasses aren’t hopelessly forever ruined. Great tip!


Oh, I’d like to have a whole house water filter!! (and new windows, and plantation shutters, and a sprinkler system, and… oh, where was I?) ;)


I didn’t know that! I’ve used it on window and mirrors, but hadn’t thought to try it on glasses! Thanks. :)


Hey, I haven’t tried it on my windows or mirrors! That’s a great idea! Thanks back at ya! ;)


I love cleaning with vinegar, thanks for sharing pictures!!! I’ve poured about a cup of vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher just before running it and it seems to help a little.


I thought of you the other day and tried that! :) But, I left while it was running and just realized I forgot to check to see if it worked! I’ll have to do it again soon. :) Thanks, Andie!


I can NOT believe I never thought to use vinegar for our old spotty glasses. I use vinegar all the time for just about everything else. LOL! I have seriously considered compiling a list of the wonders of vinegar. God thought of everything… old fruit becoming a cleaning agent… the ultimate in creativity! :-) I am going to experiment with this tonight. Thank you!


Seriously! Praise God for his provision through something as simple as that – old fruit!

Btw, Apple Cider Vinegar is my “go to” for just about anything, especially sinus infections… it works wonders!

Hope your old spotty glasses look as good as new! :)

Ashley Pichea

1. Be careful of using vinegar on metal – if you don’t rinse it off, it will eat away.
2. You may want a water softener (if you don’t already have one) – it will make a big difference in spots left on dishes.
3. I’ve had the same experience with vinegar in the rinse cycle, but after we got the water softener, it seemed to work better. I think the water was too hard with for the diluted vinegar to make a difference before.


Great to know! I thought about soaking my wedding ring in vinegar to get it really clean… would have HATED to have it eaten away! (Aagh!)

I’m curious about the water softener… is it something you hook to your water supply, like a filter? Or something you add to the wash? I guess I could google it, hu? ;)

Thanks for the tips, Ashley!

Ashley Pichea

1. You can use it on your ring – just rinse it with water afterward. As long as you don’t let your ring sit in it for days, you’ll be fine.

2. A water softener is a contraption you can hook to your main water line that uses special salt to take minerals and such out of your water.

Alicia The Snowflake

I had heard the trick of using vinegar in place of rinse agent. I tried it. At first everything was fine. But as time went by, I’ve had more and more spots. I’m hoping going back to rinse agent will help. But sorry I’m no help ;)

Love ya girl…spots & all!


Yeah, I think I’m going to pick up a bottle of rinse agent at the store next time I go. You may be more help than you think. :)

Thanks for the unconditional love! ;)


I never knew that! Thanks! I use vinegar in the washer whenever I wash a new piece of clothing so it doesn’t bleed. Great tip!

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