Is There a Plumber in the House??

by SomeGirl on June 4, 2010 · 12 comments

Last night my husband and I talked about letting the boys go to our local drop-in-daycare while I do a quick-fix of the toilet and then hang out without kiddos for a few hours (and I didn’t have anything interesting to blog about today, so I thought I’d just take the morning off).

So, this morning we dropped them off, grabbed a bite to eat and went home for me to get the job done real fast (I’ve changed the insides to a toilet a couple of times and it was so easy… a great way to save money and enjoy a  break)!

I got all my tools (and my camera to document the change-out and blog about it later) and started to work on our 50 year old toilet. I took it all apart with lots of prayer (I’m going to blog about that soon for sure) and put it all back together again, then turned on the water to find a leak… fixed it again… leak… fixed it again… no leak… until I flushed… fixed it again and now I found a hairline crack where I overtightened the screw. Fortunately we have another tank in a bathroom that we’re remodeling, but I think it’s time to call in a master plumber (and my drop-in-daycare time is running out).

Now that I’m at the end of writing this I wonder why I’m even letting you know about what’s going on… I think I just needed a break away from the toilet insanity and to find somewhere to vent… so I guess I could say, “SURPRISE! Today’s Fraddling Friday is a little fraddle for me!” Thanks for listening and letting me vent… I REALLY appreciate it!! ♥

Now, I’m off to call a plumber, clean a bathroom and pick up the boys… wasn’t quite the break I hoped for, but it was worth a try… right?

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Oh, no! :( Sorry to hear that it wasn’t an easy fix! :(


Thanks, Sherry! Turned out to be an easy fix for the professional ($$$)… but it’s nice and shiny now. ;)


That explains Steve turning off the water to your house! :)


Yeah, the valve at the toilet won’t turn off so he had to turn it off and on again for me… we were on the cell phones so we could communicate. You might have heard me over his phone all the way across the street as I yelled, “TURN IT OOOOFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!! ” with water gushing everywhere! :)

Cranberry Morning

That is one of the funniest photos! Gave me a good laugh. :-)


Yeah, I love the creative geniuses on flickr! Some of the photos are hilarious (and some are just plain beautiful)!


Just wanted to tell you I love the photos of your children, especially the one of the bath towel superman cape. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote. $2,000 in prizes. No entry fee.


Thanks, Hannah! I’ll look into it! ♥ Michelle

Rachel Pereira

I just have to say that I’m proud of you for even attempting to work on the toilet!! I definitely have NO experience in that area!! =) Sorry your time wasn’t what you expected!! =( Have a great weekend, friend!


Thanks, Rachel!! Next on my list is to tackle a pedestal sink install… hopefully I’ll have more success with it. ;)

Hope your weekend is wonderful! ♥ Michelle


Kudos to you! I don’t even think I’d try to fix a toilet. Something I should learn I suppose! :)


Thanks friend! I’d highly recommend learning it (even if it did cost me extra b/c of my mistake).

I learned when I was a single girl. And a friend’s boyfriend told me I’d never get married if I learned to do plumbing b/c a man would think I didn’t need him… now my husband and I have remodeled 4 houses with my plumbing skills and his wood laying skills… and turned one for lots of profit. ;) lol

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