I Drive by a Pond on My Way Home From Jack in the Box

by SomeGirl on February 22, 2010 · 4 comments

This morning the boys went out for a guys breakfast with my husband to a cute, little, breakfast shop called Snooty Pig. And I took advantage of the morning alone and ran through Jack in the Box. I don’t know why, but I LOVE it! (Maybe it’s because it was the only fast food restaurant we had in the small town I grew up in) Anyway, on my way home I can either go up a side street and make 2 turns to my street, or I can go through a sweet little (well, big really) park with a creek and duck pond… so I choose the pond. I usually think about taking “the time to smell the roses” when I’m at the 4-way stop where I need to make my decision. It takes a little longer, but it’s worth the drive (and speed bumps). When the boys are with me we look excitedly for “turtle rock” and count the number of bird houses the city has put out. And we take note of the public notice board at the entrance to the park… this week it reads, “FREE FISHING DERBY FEB 27 FOR CHILDREN UNDER 16.” You know what that means, don’t you? (I didn’t come up with the term FRADdle for no reason! lol)

On another note, I’ve been thinking about making some calling cards (or blogger cards)… something to hand people with basic contact information. They might just say my name and blog address… maybe my e-mail. I found some cute, printable calling cards at Cottage Industrialist (see photo above). I bought some Avery business cards with smooth edges Saturday and might try them out today (after we have friends over for lunch). I’m even playing with the idea of having a note on the back that reads something like this:

Know your rights…

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be blogged about in an upcoming post.

or maybe:


I don’t mean to, but I eavesdrop and I just might blog about what you’re saying (or at the least use your words to title my next post)

Something I’m playing with…

card photo from here (Stay tuned… Beautiful Blogger awards coming up this evening!)



Nice drive home! I see you fraddling at a fishing tournament soon!!

Some Girl

Ha! Yep… better start collecting worms! ;)

Julie K

hey somegirl – I’m lovin’ the fraddle! So glad Karen pointed me to your blog!

Some Girl

Thanks, Julie! What a joy to see you here and read your comment! :)

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